Monday, November 06, 2006

blind items

thoughts in my head screams: there is no justice in this world!

it would be unfair if i say that not everybody worked for their thesis. of course everybody worked for their thesis. just that some worked harder and gave it their best to have a high grade because after all this (the thesis) will say all about what you learned in your college years. some made time to make sure that they will and can pass their thesis on time. i don't know if i should be one of those few.

after all i wasn't able to pass my thesis. so i was with the few whose grade was a fat INC on the online report. but i did make time to make sure that i have something to write about.

i researched on those amazon women. got books from the humanities and social science that covered the greek culture and literature. i even got to know the library staff especially those at the xero counters because of the many times i went to them. (i got pissed with the xerox boy at the ecclesiastics section, as he told me if i wasn't a girl the librarian wouldn't let me xerox the book i wanted for it was closing time.) i wasn't one of those who dillydallied thinking there was time. I even went to the national library for references.

unfortunately, come submission day. the number of paged that i have with me did not meet the 60 pages, minimum requirement of our strict, hair pulling thesis professor. quite a few of my classmates did still pass with only 20+ pages of written work with them. i wasn't brave enough but with my friend pulling my arm to do so. i tried. but no it was too late. what i saw on my online grade for thesis was INC.

i thought it was alright because i had friends who also received the same grade. so we were grieving together. those with pages below 60 did pass the subject you know. but this isn't about them. this is about the stinking justice system here in manila and how it seems to be exemplified even in an ordinary university.

one of my classmates, who i thought would have the grade same as me, did pass the subject. so, i thought wrong.
according to her she passed her thesis late, heheheh

which according to my profesor he did not allow how can she?

when she didn't even have anything started on the day of the submission itself? she doesn't even go to the library? does she know even know where the CR is in the library? i heard her saying she was just going to ler her cousins borrow her books for her .... basta naasaar ako kay dihfsdhfsdg kasi akal kodgsdgdfgjjgjgjggerg] rg shouldn't i and all those who got INC got the chance to redeem ourselves by passing our thesis not next year and by having that INC erased because after all, she did get to have a passing grade (with or withouth thesis passed).


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anae said...

HAHAHHAH!!!! jst browsing through and if your wondering why that friend of mine passed its because she gives special favors to our gay professor,