Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 3: Feel the Love

As Leap 61 continues on our journey, one has dropped from the program, while another thought of doing so.

The latter was one of my councilmates, and thankfully our coach, the great Coey, managed to let him see that he is indeed Wholehearted.

He shared in our council meeting why he chose to join Leap. It was because of a friend who had a money goal, targeting about half a million pesos, and in the span of two months he was able to collate a staggering TWO MILLION PESOS!

So he asked how did his friend do it? "Love." was the simple reply.

Puzzled as he was, how can love, an emotion so complex, give you all that result and more.

So, as he continues on with the story, he tells us that after our Sunday meeting, he talked to his girlfriend, and she asked him if he had told us of his decision, to drop the course. He said, he has changed his mind as it was because of Love.

Like him, I feel the love of those around me as I continue on this journey. Apart from the personal goal (to publish my own Ebook) and professional goal (to present to 100 people, we also had an enrollment goal.

No doubt about it, I wanted my sister to enroll for Foundations of Leadership Excellence (FLEX).
At first there was hesitation, resistance even. When she did come, I was more than happy.

The second day, she was late. Of course I was freaking out, she was missing out on some of the important details, and more so the possibility of her not going was big.

Yet, she did, she did go, and at the end of the second day I received the tightest and longest hug I have gotten.

The hug coming from a girl who told me that we can never be close, and that I was just a friend of hers who she can help out whenever she could. The love was so overwhelming that I could feel her tears,  feel my tears.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Week 2: Professional Goal on a Clean Slate

As my Wholehearted #Leap61 Journey continues, I need to make a declaration about myself and for this whole journey, and that is: 

Declaration: I Make Great Things Happen with my love and power!

For me to achieve this declaration, I must first come from essence, or come from: Be-Do-Have.

Along with this, we Team #Leap61 also created goals for ourselves.
Mine are for
Personal Goal: Creative Expression: Release an E-book with two other creative activities
Professional Goal: Present to a hundred people. 


Friday, August 01, 2014

A Wholehearted Journey Begins #Leap61

I confess the reason why I joined the Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) was so that I can get in to LEAP.

Why not?

It was a life coaching and goal setting program. Some had money goals, some had dating goals, And me? Greed got the better of me. The program ended with a hundred percent ---.  That was why I was thinking if I joined this, I can have my car, a condo, or even both.

I was not however fixed on the idea that I would take LEAP right after ALC. I needed some funds, my savings has been wiped out.

But after the ALC experience (which you have to experience for yourself, mind you), I was dead-set on joining LEAP that I enrolled after a week or two's time after ALC.

What is so special with ALC? with LEAP?

Think about it: your greatest, grandest version of yourself, how you can imagine yourself will be known to the world after taking this course.

I know I haven't yet answered the question, however that is the exact reason I am writing this post.

Join me as I begin my Wholehearted, LEAP 61 journey and you find out why this program is so special. Join me as I Make Great Things Happen.