Monday, March 28, 2011

On their Skin-on Fries:

A perfect companion whenever you would be waiting for anyone or anything. Hindi nakakaumay ang lasa, especially with the ketchup. :)

On their wedges:

A lot more flavorful than their fries, a must try,. :)
On their Mushroom Loco Burger:

What i hate about beef, is its fat oozing off your taste buds, eek! And this is what exactly how the burger's meat was like.

Ambience: Fast food/ Diner like
Where I ate: Big Better Burgers SM Cubao
Rating: 31/2 out of 5

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lucy: You will not go wrong when you are grounded on the right values’

You will not go wrong
when you are grounded
on the right values’
Published MOD March 2011

SHE may be pushing 40, but Lucy Torres-Gomez still looks as radiant as the first time she graced our television screens in a shampoo commercial opposite her now husband, Richard Gomez. Lucy, who is, nowadays, wife, mother, TV host, and Congresswoman of her hometown Ormoc, Leyte, manages to stay energetic and youthful-looking as she attends to her responsibilities. She shares some of her life secrets to looking as beautiful as ever and living the good life.

Don’t fight the aging. “There are certain changes women my age can’t help dealing with. So although we already sweat the small stuff, we also become more mindful with the choices we make, especially when it comes to food and lifestyle. We may be past the insecurities of youth, but we also have to face the realities of aging.”

A good health supplement matters. “If you survived with little or no sleep in your teens or early 20s, lack of sleep at this age will immediately manifest its unflattering effects on your skin and energy level. I find the multivitamin supplement Immuvit, for example, helpful especially now that I have a busier schedule. It gives the maximum amount of health benefits women my age need.”

Make informed choices. “I stay out of the sun as much as I can and likewise use my eye cream religiously. Like with the vitamins and supplements I take, I am also mindful of what I put in my body. Like most women my age perhaps, I am forever reading labels and product briefs because I want to make informed choices.”

Eat healthy. “I have been eating brown rice for a few years now and have a better appreciation for fruits and vegetables. I like juice and I try to munch on healthy snacks like dried and fresh fruits and nuts.”

Control your binges. “I once read that our stomach is just about the size of a big fist and we are supposed to put just that much food into it at a time, too. I try to think of this when I am tempted to go on a binge. I also try to always eat fruits first, instead of last, as is the norm. I read that they have to be consumed first over fish or meat because they are easier to digest.”

Grab a quick nap. “If you have that sleep in the bag, then staying mentally alert is not a problem. I can say that I have also become an expert at taking naps whenever I can. Grabbing a quick doze really helps a lot when you have many responsibilities to attend to in a day.”

Find a happy space. “When I dance or do yoga, I feel totally carefree and energized. I feel like a child again. I feel so good about myself and my life and at that circumstance I actually feel I can take on anything. The natural high dancing gives me is the reason I keep going back to it. It makes for a happy space for me.”

Keep yourself grounded. “The world being so small and all, the very people you meet on your way up are also the ones you will meet on your way down. I also strongly believe that you will not go wrong when you are grounded on the right values.”

Home is where the heart is. “Family is important. I cannot say that often enough. The world can go all crazy, but as long as you have a family to go home to, a family to anchor you, you have a safe haven.”


Am appreciating ETC on free tv (on RPN 9), cause before I can only watch it in out cable TV. Now, since it is on channel 9, I can easily access it on the other TV, which does not have cable.

What more it offers variety, as other local channels serve drama--- from afternoon to primetime, teleserye nalang ng teleserye. Please! Think about us, me in particular, who would want a good laugh. There are many problems in this world---the weather, money, work , and even those politicos are even adding to the list---so honestly, I really don't need to cry about a teenage girl's fake death anymore.

Cafe Breton

On their La delice

On their Cafe Mocha

Khay and Mela: Masarap, it has more whipped creme than other cafe mocha,

On their Poseidon Crepe(not photographed)

Khay: has been craving for this because of the pink salmon, am guessing, but she detests the maasin at maalat capers

Where we ate: Cafe Breton Tagaytay
Ambience: We stayed out doors and with the cool Tagaytay Breeze, Cafe Breton is the perfect place to relax, talk and
Service: Fast
Rating: ****and a half / 5 stars

‘Half of My Body Was Paralyzed’

‘Half of My Body Was Paralyzed’
By Dina Bonnevie
Published March 2011

LATE 2009, I woke up one evening with my right side paralyzed I could not move. I tried to use my left hand, picked up my cell phone, and called my son-in-law Marc. I said, “Marc, you just rush here. You take me to the hospital, I don’t know what is happening. I can’t move.”

Marc brought me to the emergency room. I was diagnosed of suffering a mild stroke. Half of my body was paralyzed. Doctors recommended that I stay in the hospital.
I told them, “Ayoko ng ospital.”

Once you’re in the hospital, they will say you’re sick. I can’t be sick. Come on, I am a health nut and have been endorsing wellness products.

Then I realized, I was loaded not only with work but with other things. I didn’t have any sleep, I overworked myself, I was going through the worst time of my life—coming from a breakup, my business suddenly failing, filming more than 24 hours a day. That was it. I thought, this has to stop. I asked myself, do I want to be the richest person in the cemetery?

I had no choice. I had to go back. The doctors did Magnetic Resonance Imaging and everything. They told me that I had a stroke, while another doctor said it was whiplash. One thing was sure—there was something wrong.

I am so glad to have met Dr. Rolando Balburias, who heads the Medical City’s Center for Wellness and Aesthetics. That began my journey toward adapting a good diet. He also cured my acid reflux, as I was taking a lot of steroids, for my allergies. Then I found out that the steroids were bad for me as they were making me bloated, fat, and ugly. Doctors prescribed a medicine that got rid of my blotches, dark spots, and allergies.

My neck was stiff, so my doctors prescribed some exercises which I followed. At first I thought this was silly, but the exercises helped me. As we moved forward, they had to remove a lump from my back.

I’m still recovering right now. Recovery is not easy. There are times when I ask myself, babalik pa ba ako? Recovery is about committing to whether you want to get well or not, committing yourself to the right diet, the right routine, everything. What made me continue was the assurance of the doctors around me that I was getting healthier, from week to week. I am getting well. There are changes in my body, the way I feel. I feel lighter, healthier. Now, there is a balance not only in my diet and lifestyle but also with my time schedule, among other things.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Antonio's Grill

Two hours drive from Quezon City (My friends Cy, Khay, Mela, Tin and I came from SM Sta. Mesa) is Antonio's Grill in Tagaytay. My friends were craving for Bulalo, and so,...

On their Bulalo:

Khay: Malabas
My Take: Am not really a Bulalo eater, but the meat was good, it was tender, plus it was tasty,.

On their Liempo:

On their Tawilis:

My take: It was my first time to eat tawilis. So I didn't really know how to, should I dip it in soy sauce? eat it with bulalo? after all Khay was giddy when she ordered this dish right after bulalo. So i deboned the fish and dunked the white meat in toyo. That was when I was told that it should be eaten as a whole. But hey, whether it be dipped in soy scuce, or eaten with bulalo, it just tastes good although not the same. Try it! :)

On their Laing:
Tin: Maasim
Khay: baka sira na yung gata

But no it was no the gata, it was just made that way, made to be maasim, so if you like suka (although it does not taste that way, ha?) on your laing, maybe this is just for you.


Mango Slush:
Mela: Mas masarap yung watermelon slush, maasim yung Mango Slush. Kulang ng asukal, at gusto ko kasi yung may gatas.

Antonio's Grill: Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Tagaytay City

Ambience: Relaxing sounds compliment Tagayatay's cool winds
How to get there: Take SLEX, exit to Santa Rosa, then turn right after paying the toll. Drive straight on until you get to the Tagaytay City,...

Wet and Wild Workout

Wet and Wild Workout
Published MOD March 2011

Summer is the perfect time to hit the beach, and water sports are perfect tricks to shed off those unwanted bulges!

“In 2012, there will be 10 sailing events at the Olympics. Six men’s events, and four women’s events. Not many other sports can match that,” says Peter Capotosto of the Taal Lake Yacht Club. “It is more of a mind sport than a body sport, so it is perfect for Filipinos because we are not anatomically-disadvantaged from the start. Agility and tactics are much more important than height or weight.”

What to bring. Sailboats and kayaks that are for rent and relatively inexpensive, sailing lifevests that are different from most other lifevests, and sailing harnesses

Where to go. Taal Lake Yacht Club, a parasailing hotbed. Sailing classes are by appointment, year-round. It has Hobie catamaran Regattas every second Sunday of the month, and it’s less than an hour and a half from Makati. The club organizes regattas in other areas from November to April. Other common destinations are Punta Fuego, Tali Beach, Corregidor, Puerto Galera, Anilao, and Boracay.

For details. Taal Lake Yacht Club (website: or Puerta Galera Yacht Club (website:

“The latest craze is kitesurfing, where the sail is a parachute-like giant kite, high in the air, that you control while zooming along the top of the water on a wakeboard. Windsurfers and kiteboarders like lots of wind,” says Peter.

What to bring. Peter says the only gear you need that is “sailing-specific” is sailing gloves, and these are usually available at the club where you will learn to sail. He adds, “Your feet will get wet, so if you have diving booties, bring them. But any shoes that you don’t mind getting wet will do.” Sun protection is important, so cap, sunscreen, and sunglasses are highly recommended. Peter also advises to bring a couple of shoe laces. “The instructor will show you how to tie your cap and glasses so you won’t lose them,” he says.

Where to go. Boracay, and Pagudpud in Ilocos.

For details. Taal Lake Yacht Club (website: or Puerta Galera Yacht Club (website:

Says Paolo Soler of Philippine Surfing Academy, “Surfing is uniquely different from other sports since it is essentially non-competitive and better described as a lifestyle rather than a sport. It’s the most natural human recreational activity that requires no audience or point system.” He adds that although there are surfing competitions that involve scores and rules, free-surfing only needs the natural and invisible energy of waves that push water molecules to propel the surfer on a constantly moving environment. Being immersed in nature and invisible energy rewards the surfer with a blissful feeling usually referred to in surfer lingo as the feeling of being ‘stoked.’

What to bring. Sunblock, a lycra rash guard, board shorts, and a soft surfboard when taking your first lessons. To avoid unnecessary injury, Paolo advises to make sure to take your first surfing experience under the guidance of a qualified professional surfing instructor and use the safer versions of surfing equipment such as a soft surfboard.

Where to go. According to Paolo, the top beginner spots are Club Manila East, Taytay wavepools, Real, Quezon, San Juan, La Union, Zambales, and Baler, Aurora, while top intermediate to advanced level spots are Cloud 9, Siargao Island, ABCD Beach, Calicoan Island, and Cobra Reef, Baler. “All the rest are secrets,” he adds.

For details. Philippine Surfing Academy (Cell phone number: 09175827878; website:; e-mail:

Scuba Diving
Scuba (or self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) diving is one of the most, if not the most, relaxing water sports. “Nothing beats the freedom it offers, the feeling of flying in mid-water while scanning the contours of walls and canyons underwater,” says Scuba World’s Dale Uy. “If you have traveled around the world and you think you’ve seen everything, you’re wrong. It is a new world down there!”

What to bring. Tank, BCD or a bouyancy control compensator device, regulator, mask snorkel fins, wetsuit, and led weights.

Where to go. For Dale, the best dive spot here in the Philippines is still the Tubbataha Reef west of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. He also recommends the dive sites in Anilao, Batangas. His favorite is Twin Rocks, highlighted with the school of jacks which goes into a ball formation because of the massive volume—good for underwater photographers. “Anilao is also a haven for macro photographers,” Dale adds.

For details. Dale or Dexter of Scuba World Inc., which offers free introductory dives at any branch in Manila (phone numbers: (02) 8953551, 09175493650, or 09082123734).

White Water Rafting
River sports, specifically white water rafting, is not the usual water sport. “In this, you don’t need to be good in particular skills like swimming as long as you listen to the river guide and you cooperate with the crowd,” says Jessie Jhon Magkilat, operations manager of 1st Rafting Adventure. Water rafting is also a sport where the family or barkada can have bonding moments. Says Jessie, “During the water rafting, you have only two tasks: first, to paddle, and second, to relax and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the area.”

What to bring. Helmet, life vest, and paddle. These gears are usually provided by the company.

Where to go. Cagayan Valley, particularly in Tuguegarao, and Davao City. “But the best and pioneer companies for these water sports are located in Cagayan de Oro City,” says Jessie.

For details. 1st Rafting Adventure (phone numbers: (088) 8563514, (088) 8571270, 09173255544, or 09088849575; e-mail:; website:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Morning, Venus!

Good Morning, Venus!

Published MOD March 2011

YOU KNOW her story. Born in Qatar. Growing
up without a father. Hand-to-mouth life in Bicol. Darkness, her many nights. Then, just as she was about to see some limelight, a controversy, a buzz about mistakes, and it seemed she’s back in the dark.
And then splash!

Unlike beauty queens who, after representing the country in pageants abroad, seem to have been etched out of the public’s consciousness, Miss Universe Fourth Runner-Up Venus Raj continues to make news. And she’s delivering the news. Her new morning.
Venus recently joined the reformatted ABS-CBN morning show, Umagang Kay Ganda, as one of its hosts. “Okay sa akin ang hosting. Sabi nga nila, pagka-hosting, normal lang. Napapakita mo lang yung personality mo," Venus told entertainment site
She added that she has no problem with the early call time. “It’s okay, because I do jogging at around 5:30 in the morning. So it’s like I’m only jogging, that’s what I think about. Plus, I am a morning person, so I don’t have any hesitation waking up early.”

Venus is excited to have started a showbiz career, via ABS-CBN. Unknown to many, she almost became a Kapatid, having been offered to be a part of Willie Revillame’s Willing Willie on TV5 as a co-host. Her mom, however, was determined for her daughter to be a Kapamilya. “She told me, ‘Anak, ang gusto ko, sa ABS-CBN ka talaga. Kasi kung hindi, hindi na talaga ako manunuod!’ She was serious when she told me that. Kaya kami ng kapatid ko tawa ng tawa, at alam ko na talagang ang saya niya na nasa ABS-CBN na ako,” she told

She may be focused on her hosting gig now, but Venus isn’t closing her doors on acting. “If I am given a comedy role, why not? For me, it is okay. Maybe even a dramatic role—it would also be okay for me. Or if I get to do comedy with a different role, why not? I’m willing to improve whatever it might be that would need improving. I would study different kinds of roles,” she said.
Venus also has some leading men she would want to work with—Piolo Pascual and Coco Martin.

She said of Coco, “I was still in college when he visited Bicol. I remember my barkada and I really followed his entourage just so I could get a glimpse of him. I only got to look at him for just a short while! I remember telling myself, ganito pala yung feeling na hinahabol mo talaga yung artista para magpa-picture. I wasn’t able to see him up close, so I wish that would happen soon.”
Whatever her career or lovelife status may be, Venus truly hopes in the Lord, like she did when the Binibining Pilipinas decided to sign her up with ABS-CBN. “All I’m praying for to our Lord is that He leads me to where he wants me to be going. So I know that this is where I am now, and this is what he wants for me. I’m really thankful that it is with ABS-CBN,” she said.

A Different Halohalo

Razon's started out as a resto in Pampanga but then, the number of branches in Manila are suddenly growing. They cater Filipino food.

Here's our (my friends ans mine) take on some of their food.

When it comes to the pinoy's favorite summer treat,..Halohalo,. we always think about sago, ube, ice cream, langka, and other colorful ingredients that make it sweet and just as yummy.

however, Razon's take on the famous merienda is quite different as it only has several ingredients and is paler in comparison.

so for me it is yummy, but its a different halohalo,. more like a cousin?

On their sizzling Bulalo:

My friend Khay says: " sobrang sarap, pwede bang huminig ng extra sauce?" Which she did, in case you are wondering.

My other friend Tin: Hindi Ganoon ka sarap
My take: okay! Tender

On their Sisig

Tin: Hindi ganoon ka sarap
Mela: Lasang sunog

Dinuguanno review, as our friend who ate this did not say anything, so you decide

Where we ate: Razon's Timog (March 2011)
Ambience: Clean
Service: Fast

Rating ***/5 stars