Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lucy: You will not go wrong when you are grounded on the right values’

You will not go wrong
when you are grounded
on the right values’
Published MOD March 2011

SHE may be pushing 40, but Lucy Torres-Gomez still looks as radiant as the first time she graced our television screens in a shampoo commercial opposite her now husband, Richard Gomez. Lucy, who is, nowadays, wife, mother, TV host, and Congresswoman of her hometown Ormoc, Leyte, manages to stay energetic and youthful-looking as she attends to her responsibilities. She shares some of her life secrets to looking as beautiful as ever and living the good life.

Don’t fight the aging. “There are certain changes women my age can’t help dealing with. So although we already sweat the small stuff, we also become more mindful with the choices we make, especially when it comes to food and lifestyle. We may be past the insecurities of youth, but we also have to face the realities of aging.”

A good health supplement matters. “If you survived with little or no sleep in your teens or early 20s, lack of sleep at this age will immediately manifest its unflattering effects on your skin and energy level. I find the multivitamin supplement Immuvit, for example, helpful especially now that I have a busier schedule. It gives the maximum amount of health benefits women my age need.”

Make informed choices. “I stay out of the sun as much as I can and likewise use my eye cream religiously. Like with the vitamins and supplements I take, I am also mindful of what I put in my body. Like most women my age perhaps, I am forever reading labels and product briefs because I want to make informed choices.”

Eat healthy. “I have been eating brown rice for a few years now and have a better appreciation for fruits and vegetables. I like juice and I try to munch on healthy snacks like dried and fresh fruits and nuts.”

Control your binges. “I once read that our stomach is just about the size of a big fist and we are supposed to put just that much food into it at a time, too. I try to think of this when I am tempted to go on a binge. I also try to always eat fruits first, instead of last, as is the norm. I read that they have to be consumed first over fish or meat because they are easier to digest.”

Grab a quick nap. “If you have that sleep in the bag, then staying mentally alert is not a problem. I can say that I have also become an expert at taking naps whenever I can. Grabbing a quick doze really helps a lot when you have many responsibilities to attend to in a day.”

Find a happy space. “When I dance or do yoga, I feel totally carefree and energized. I feel like a child again. I feel so good about myself and my life and at that circumstance I actually feel I can take on anything. The natural high dancing gives me is the reason I keep going back to it. It makes for a happy space for me.”

Keep yourself grounded. “The world being so small and all, the very people you meet on your way up are also the ones you will meet on your way down. I also strongly believe that you will not go wrong when you are grounded on the right values.”

Home is where the heart is. “Family is important. I cannot say that often enough. The world can go all crazy, but as long as you have a family to go home to, a family to anchor you, you have a safe haven.”


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