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Sexual Harassment: The Horror, the Horror

Sexual Harassment: The Horror, the Horror


Published MOD October 2010 Halloween Issue

IT might happen in school, in the office, or even at your home.

“Sexual harassment is any behaviour or verbal expression that one find offensive,” according to Dr. Genuina Ranoy of St. Luke’s Medical Center. “It depends on the perception of the person. For some people, it is not sexual harassment because okay lang na ginagawa yun.”

A simple act of putting one’s arm over the shoulder when it is inappropriate and makes one of the parties involved uncomfortable can be an act of harassment.

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Check the Signs

Behavioural. There are times that it might seem obvious, like one’s stare might make you feel uncomfortable or has the interpretation of sexual advances. Or one creates a situation wherein you would be uncomfortable. Sometimes the victim cannot say anything because the harasser’s position is higher.

Verbal. “One example is being called in some terms of endearment, or maybe in a way that has a sexual connotation and inappropriate for you. It would only be sexual harassment if you do not like it,” says Dr. Ranoy.

Actions. “If a guy touches your private parts and he says it’s accidental but for you its not, that’s sexual harassment,” says Dr. Ranoy.

How To Cope with Harassment:

Say it. Dr. Ranoy says that you really have to say what you feel, like “’You’re going beyond boundaries,” so that the person would know. Tell him, because some people are not even aware that they are harassing other people. “

File a complaint. “Tell the authorities,” advises Dr. Ranoy. “That way, they would look into what you are saying and have the proper venues to discuss it.”

Don’t feel guilty. “People often say that it is the victim’s fault, especially if she dresses in a sexy way. ‘It is their fault as they are inviting,’ harassers would often say,” says Dr. Ranoy. “No, it’s not your fault. Don’t feel guilty about it. You did not like what was done to you.”

Check yourself. “Check the way you behave. Certain verbal expressions may be seducing. Maybe unconsciously you are being seductive,” says Dr. Ranoy. “Especially if there is a pattern that wherever you go you are being sexually harassed, ask yourself why. It is not necessarily the way you dress up, but the behaviour also. People might think that to you it is okay because you are inviting.”

Rhian Ramos ‘Anything Is possible’

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Rhian Ramos

‘Anything Is possible’


MOD OCtober 2010

WITH three regular shows on GMA-7—Illumina, Kaya ng Powers, and Party Pilipinas— it is amazing that Rhian Ramos manages to make time for herself and her friends.

She says she gets organized and manages her time with the help of her HTC Smart phone which acts as a social calendar and mini computer all in one device. “It really is different when they make the phone easy to use. Who cares about a phone if you can’t do anything with it? I’m not the most technologically savvy person, but I can do much with it,” Rhian says of her phone.

Carry-all. I’m a music lover, I like a phone that can carry music so hindi ako ‘yung type ng tao na maraming gadgets all at once. I don’t carry a bag, so I want everything in my phone. It is a camera, a music player, and a handy computer that I bring about just anywhere. My whole life is practically stored in here--my entire social life, work life, my schedule. I just pocket it with me and bring it anywhere. I cannot live home without my phone. One time umabot na ako ng Quezon City, and I live in Alabang, pinabalik ko talaga ‘yung kotse kasi buhay ko nga ito.

Accidents happen. I was on my way to a taping in Subic. I got lost. Then a car bumped the rear of my car. Thankfully, I was not hurt. That was it. The insurance will take care of it.

Aljur to the rescue. Aljur Abrenica always comes to my rescue when I am hungry. I need not say anything -- somehow he knows I am craving for something and he sends his driver with the food I am craving for. One time I bought four pieces of yema candies for myself. Aljur found out I like such candies so one time, when we were taping in Pampanga, he bought me a bag of yemas.

Anything is possible. Is there a possibility of anything romantic happening between Aljur and me? Anything is possible. But as much as possible, I focus more on my work. Hindi naman kami pumupunta ng taping para magligawan. But anything is possible. We do not know what might happen in the future. I don’t know if there will be anything with us. I’m not saying that there is, but I’m not saying that it is impossible.

It can happen to anybody. I just heard about what happened to Sarah Geronimo's dad -- you know, when a guy attempted to con him. It can happen to anybody. It's scary. I don't have bodyguards. when I need to get something from my car, I go get it myself. My mom often worries about me. Like I thought nothing of my recent car accident. But my mom, she was worried sick.

No gap. There were rumors that Marian Rivera and I have some gap. I don't think so. I haven't seen her since I guested on her show (Show Me Da Manny). Even when Dong (Dingdong Dantes) and I worked together (for Stairway to Heaven), Marian and I didn't see each other. She once said she was not jealous about Dong and I working together. So there--we didn’t have any gap.

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Who's Afraid of Daiana Meneses?

Published MOD October 2010 Halloween Issue

She may be your next-door television aswang. But no need to be afraid of Daiana Menezes.
She's juts here to do what she likes to do, to pursue her dreams even after several rejections.
“I got declined many times. I got told by several agencies I was not their type,” says Daiana Menezes, relating her start as a model in her home country Brazil. “People didn’t really accept me as a model because I was too short compared to the average model in Brazil. I am only 5’7 and most of the models are 5’10.” But rejection somehow opened windows of opportunities for the Brazilian beauty.
Daiana found another audience. “There was this other agency which does international work and they got me for Thailand,” she says. The agency said her features-- rosy, white skin, and sharp nose--fit well for the Asian market. Thus, she began working as a model in several countries—Hong Kong, China, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. In 2006, she landed a shampoo commercial here in the Philippines.
“It was in 2007 that I decided I do not want to be modeling anymore. Adjust, get used to the place, and then leave--I got really tired of doing that. So when I got the chance to get a regular job here in the Philippines, I grabbed it. I love the country that’s why I decided to settle here. Eat Bulaga just came along,” she says, referring to the noon time show which made her popular.
She settled in Manila and had an easy time adjusting to the Philippine way of life. “Here in the Philippines, you have a mix of the Latin culture. You arealso kind of Americanized in a way, so it is easy for me to adjust here, ” says Daiana, adding that the Philippines is like Brazil in Asia. “I super feel at home. I could not even say na grabe ang traffic dito. Every country has its problems, ‘di ba?”
Apart from her hosting gig in Eat Bulaga, Daiana also plays as Vic Sotto’s leading lady in the TV5 sitcom Ang Darling Kong Aswang. She has nothing but praises for the comedian. “He is the most professional person I have ever worked with. He really knows when he has to joke, when he has to work,” she says. “Plus he doesn’t mix personal life with work. People don’t know that. People think that once you’re there, you’re going to get involved with him. No, it doesn’t work that way. He is such a professional guy on the set. Trabaho muna tayo.
As for rumors that she’s the cause of a rift between lovebirds Vic and Pia Guanio, Daiana just look at them on a positive light. “I’m thankful about that issue because it will increase our ratings. Vic and I are just acting in the show but people think we are already having a relationship. So, wow, effective pala yung ginagawa namin sa show. I just take it as a compliment. Maybe people are thinking what we are doing is for real because we have good chemistry,” she says. “Plus, Pia is a good friend of mine. Pia was the one who recommended me to play the role of wife to Vic because she trusts me. We’re still friends.”
Daiana adds, “Vic teaches me a lot -- how to act, how to do the scene, position myself in front of the camera, every little detail -- which I think I wouldn’t learn if I was working with somebody else. He is a teacher.”
Even with all the intrigues, Daiana says that she doesn't miss anything back home, apart from her family.
“My dad, even if he was really well-off, he didn’t give me whatever I wanted. He made me work for it. That’s why when I first got here, I didn’t have a hard time working for what I wanted. Hindi naman mahirap. I’m used to taking a taxi for work. I make ipon. So I was able to buy two cars and my own place. In two and a half years, I have almost everything a 23-year-old person would want to achieve in life. So super blessed talaga ako,” she says.
Those agencies back home must be scratching their heads.

How to be a beautiful vamp
Do you work out?
I don’t go to the gym. I cannot afford to go to the gym because I have work and it wouldn’t be consistent and I’m tamad. I’m honestly really tamad to work out. But I control what I eat when I see that I’m gaining weight.
Beauty secrets?
The only thing I do is to remove my makeup before I sleep. Even if I get home really late and I’m so tired from work, I do that. And I really try to sleep, because if you get a good night’s sleep, you are going to look fresh the next day. But once you lose your sleep, you are going to lose years of your life.
Beauty regimen?
Water lang talaga. I remove my makeup with makeup remover. I use Dermaline soaps when I shower. I use their feminine wash. I’m Caucasian and our skin mature earlier than that of Asians. What I do is I go weekly to Dermaline and have my treatments there--facial masks and laser hair removal,
Beauty product you cannot live without?
I use Dermaline soaps a lot, like gluthathione soap. I would never leave home without mascara. Even if I don’t have any makeup on, you will always see my pilikmata--I make an effort to do so. I don’t even wear fake eyelashes. I really put on maraming mascara.
Who does your hair?
I’d rather do my hair than let a hairstylist do it because I know my hair better. Working as a model for five years has taught me how to fix my hair and do my makeup. I’m very particular with it, let me do it na lang. In Eat Bulaga, each of us do our own makeup. One time, when I was modeling for a fashion show, a hairstylist used an electric curler to curl my hair. But pinaso ako sa shoulders. I wanted to cry. So now, either I really know the hairstylist or I would just do my hairstyling.
Beauty Advice?
Don’t expose yourself to the sun without any sunblock, because you would get pimples, wrinkles, and freckles.

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Beauty Boo-Boos you shouldn't commit


Published in MOD OCrober 2010
UNDERWEAR creases? Oily skin? Wrong makeup color? How many times have you had these fashion and beauty errors?
Look, these mistakes are avoidable. Especially if you know what they are and you know how to prevent them. Bianca Valerio, model, makeup artist, and host of Lifestyle Channel’s FASH, shares common fashion and beauty slip-ups and how to steer clear of them.
Beauty Blunders
Oily all over. “Especially if you commute, you don’t want to look oily going on a date or to close a deal. We want freshness, we want matte freshness,” says Bianca. “One thing you should always have in your bag is oil film.”
Wrong shade. “For press powder, get your own shade,” presses Bianca as to avoid being too pale or too dark. “Mix your foundation with moisturizer to make it a tinted moisturizer. If you bought the wrong shade, buy your own shade, make plenty shades, and share them with a friend.”
Color coding. “The most basic thing to remember if you are going for a dark eye, go for light lips. For dark lips, go for a dark eye. Always choose one focal point. Don’t do it altogether,” she says. “Don’t mix all the trends together—leave it to magazines and fashion shows. Go for one focal point and go with that, use your best features, and make them the center emphasis.”
Makeup Sleep . “No matter how sleepy you are, no matter how tired you are, always remove your makeup and wash your face before going to bed you won’t get breakouts, allergies, or clogged pores. That is the time when your skin rejuvenates and refreshes itself,” she says.
Fashion Faux Pas
Underwear Bomber. “People take underwear for granted but it really is the foundation of every outfit,” Bianca says. “There was one time, a girl bought granny panties, and the panties even had pockets where she can even place her cell phones.” Underwear keeps your clothes from being soiled, shapes your body and more important, should be concealed. Avoid display of your bra and panty lines.
Overage dressing. “You should dress age-appropriatel,” she says. “If you can work it and still have the body for skinny jeans, why not?” She explains that dressing age-appropriate means looking at circumstances. For example, if you are going to a PTA party, it is not exactly right to wear a plunging neckline and a backless blouse.
Overlooking dress codes. “Good taste is not just knowing about what nice is, it’s about what proper is. There is a moral conduct underlying all those clothes,” she says. “You also want people to like you kasi hindi ka agaw eksena, nasa lugar. Everything has its right place. That’s why there is always a dress code.”
FASH airs every Thursday at 10 p.m. on the Lifestyle Channel, Channel 52 on Sky Cable.
You Asked
Is the sun good or bad for my skin?
---- Rina, via Twitter
Socouer Oblepias, M.D. Answers
The sun is not all harmful because we need it for vitamin D, but sometimes overexposure can cause skin damage. Another concern would be aging skin. One of the cheapest preventive measures is a sun block, like the new Pond’s Flawless White Blemish Prevention UV Cream which prevents and lightens dark spots and has SPF 15. Putting powder on top of a sun block would actually put the sun block in place for a longer period of time than putting just sun block. It is ideal is to put the sun block first on top of the powder.
Socouer Oblepias, M.D. is a member of the Philippine Dermatological Society

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The Queen of Talk Is the Queen of News

The Queen of Talk
Is the Queen of News
Published September 2010

CAN’T deliver the news because I make too much news,” Kris Aquino said in an interview with Jessica Soho last year.
Indeed, every move that Kris makes, people talk about. Her role as First Sister to her brother, President Benigno ‘Noynoy’Aquino, doesn’t give her much break from the media glare. We see her every day as she hosts Pilipinas Win na Win, television’s newest noontime bonanza. She’ll endorse a juice brand, and people will refer to it as ‘Yung juice na ine-endorse ni Kris.’ She’ll have an album and it will hit gold even before it gets a release date because of reservations. She’ll speak out about the latest issue about what she calls the teleserye of her life on TV and next thing you know she’s at the top of tomorrow’s headlines and the hot topic of Internet forums and office chitchats for weeks.
Like the ruckus of the Facebook page on Kris Aquino’s Despedida, as Kris did say that she will leave the country if she becomes an interference to her brother’s administration. But Kris paid it no heed. “Kagaya po ng pangakong iniwan ng Dad at Mom sa ating bayan, Noy, ikaw at ako ang nasa posisyon para ipagpatuloy ang lahat ng kanilang nasimulan. Noy, you know all that…during our last conversation with Mom, nangako ako sa kanya. Whatever support you needed, I will be there for you,” Kris said, addressing Noynoy during their mother’s burial rites.

The latest controversy that the Queen of All Media is now facing is her separation from her husband, basketball star James Yap.

Kris said that the decision to end her five-year marriage was not spur-of-the-moment. “Matagal naming sinubukan. James and I really tried to make this work. On my part, with finality, I can say ako ay sumuko na,” she said on The Buzz. “Kung anuman ang dahilan why this marriage, on my part, I’m saying it’s over, the only person I will owe an explanation to and the only person who can demand from me, ‘Bakit kayo naghiwalay?’ is my son,” she added, referring to her son from James, Baby James.

According to Kris, she did not want to publicize the reason behind the failure of her marriage, but instead will tell Baby James her side of the story one day. She also hopes that her estranged husband will tell his side as well. “The worst thing I can do for Baby James is, when he’s 7 or 8 years old, and mahanap niya sa YouTube ‘yung e
xplanation kung bakit naghiwalay ang nanay at tatay niya. He deserves much more than that. He deserves to hear it only from me and only from James,” she said.
Kris is seeking legal separation from her husband. Her lawyers found some loopholes to nullify her marriage, such as that the civil rites taking place in Quezon City, with then Mayor Feliciano Belmonte presiding over the ceremony, but with Kris acquiring her marriage license from Makati City.

Unfortunately, it seems like there is no more hope for a Kris-James reconciliation, as men are being associated with her left and right. Since her separation, she’s been romantically linked to Gabby Concepcion, Gerald Anderson, Coco Martin, Robin Padilla, Senator Chiz Escudero, and Makati Mayor Junjun Binay.

Kris quickly dismissed these stories as mere hearsay but was also quick to praise her friend, Junjun Binay, who she met while she was grieving for her mother and he for his wife. “He’s been good to me. A true friend. Kung tatanungin n’yo ako, nasa kanya ‘yung mga qualities that I admire in a man,” she said. Kris, however, wasn’t shy about hinting on the possibility of romance, saying “Ito, kinaklaro ko po, next year... pag alam ko na okay na ako, na I’m sure naitayo ko na ang Pilipinas, Win Na Win!, kung alam ko na kumportable na ang mga kapatid ko na mag-entertain ako o makipag-date ako, kung lahat sila hindi na naha-heart attack at naha-high blood sa the mere thought of it. And ang pinaka-importante, kung sigurado ako na si Josh at si Bimby well-adjusted. And if Junjun were to say, ‘Kris, gusto mo bang mag-dinner?’ I’d say yes. Why? Dahil alam ko na hindi niya ako lolokohin.”
Well, we all have to wait and see on what will happen with Kris’s marriage to James and her friendship with Junjun. Whatever it might be, whatever move she makes, it is guaranteed: it will be news. And people will be talking about it.

Vicki Belo on Kris:
Kris is intelligent. I don’t think people get it because of the way she talks, but she’s smart.

The nice thing about her is she’s an active endorser. She’s the one who thinks of ideas on how to promote the (Belo) clinic and then she goes like, “You should do this, you should do that.” Ang dami niyang input and she’s fun to have around. She’s also observant and goes down to the nitty-gritty level.

Just recently, she texted me, “You should get (Pilipinas Got Talent winner) Jovit (Baldivino) because I think he’ll be like Nora Aunor in popularity. He’s really good, but he has bad skin and you can fix it.” Talagang may malasakit siya sa clinic and she’s the same with other products she endorses like Goldilocks. She was telling me, “You know their cake is good, you should try it.” Nakakatuwa.
Of course, she’s also a good opinion maker.

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Sweet Buys

Two hours tops, thats all it takes for me to finish a ninety page book. I didn't care whether my parents would be ordering pizza with everything on it, which is my favorite food on the world. All I cared about was finishing the book and knowing what would happen to Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their friends, all characters of the book series Sweet Valley Twins. I was so enthralled in the words that I was reading that i wanted to find out what is next and at the same time i didn't want it to end.

But that was then, back when i was still in Grade five. Now, the hundred books that I have collected through the years are now unread and collecting dust on the corner of my room. I was in need of money and my mother was again and again complaining about the stuff in my room. So it came to me that I needed to unload and maybe sell some of my things.

I wasn't sure of how to buy nor sell online but I have heard of from friends who have worked in Sales. They say that it a great retail machinery, a quick way to sell things and buy things at an affordable price. So having been a member after this good recommendation, I decided to give sulit a try and sell some of my most valued books.

As I have said before, I am a newbie in the virtual retail industry. I merely followed the pattern that sellers did as I posted my own ad for my books. Some sellers opt to ship while some some would prefer to meet with their buyers, so being located in the heart of the city, i decided to just trust my instincts and place my number for a possible meetup.

I guess trust---in a crucial role in my first sell. As a new seller, i didn't know what i would encounter, i haven't even bought anything online. Still trusting, that they know their users well and it wouldn't place me any harm, made me post my number thus making me profit.

I sold my sweet Valley books to two different buyers from I know that this girls would be flipping through the pages that i once enjoyed.