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Angel in White
MOD MAGAZINE june 2010

SHE GREW up right in front of our eyes. We saw her blossom from that kid in the comedy sketch show Ang TV to a versatile actress switching from daring roles like in the film Santa Santita, to comedic roles like in the gag show Banana Split. But now, at 23, Angelica Panganiban seems to be making another change in her life, with wedding rumors a buzzing.
According to some reports, Angelica is set to have a vacation in Africa with longtime careers. Derek is one of the hottest leading men today, while Angelica is praised for her acting range, pulling off roles in dram beau, Derek Ramsay, who is said to be proposing to her there. Last year, they were said to have bought a house together. To put the icing on the cake, Angelica caught the bouquet at her friend Camille Pratts’s wedding.
What’s more, apart from being together for three years, the couple both have establisheda, like in her primetime starrer, Rubi, or comedy, like in her recent movie, Here Comes the Bride.
But those anticipating for Angelica's trip to the altar soon will be disappointed, as the actress does not think much about weddings. She adds, “Kung may mag-o-offer sa akin ng kasal, hindi ko alam kung ano ang mangyayri. Kung gusto akong pakasalan ng tao, sasabihn ko sa kanya, ‘Ikaw ang maghanda. Gusto mo akong pakasalan ‘di ba?’ Hindi na ako magpapaka-stressed.”
This is probably, because she is the type of person who lives in the moment. She does not even have a one-year plan. She explains, “Ayokong ma-frustrate ako. I’d rather live one day at a time. I don’t like to think about what might happen tomorrow. Matagal pa ‘yun, madami pang mangyayari.”
Still, Angelica remains optimistic about getting married someday. “’Yung wedding, para kasing naging tradition na lang siya. Women today only turn to it because they only like the feeling of donning a wedding dress, walking down the aisle and getting married. To me, ‘yung marriage yung importante,” she says.
Although she doesn’t seem like an eager bride, make no mistake about it: Angelica already has an idea of what type of wedding she would like to have. She shares, “Gusto ko sa church. Kailangan sa simbahan talaga. Gusto ko ‘yung church na nasa gitna ng dagat.” she said. One important wedding detail she was quick to point out is no media coverage. “Definitely, maliit na maliit na wedding lang, ‘yung dalawa lang kami--bride and groom,” she says.

So, could Derek be really her groom-to-be? Only time will tell. What Angelica is certain about is that when it comes down to her saying ‘I Do,’ it would be to “someone who is true, masayahin, spontaneous.”

If ever your memory would be erased, and you would have the choice to pick one memory left, what memory would you choose?
I’d rather choose to have my whole memory erased, back to zero. Ang sarap bumalik sa pagkabata, ‘yung wala kang iniisip. You don’t know what problems might come your way.

Whose body would you like to switch with?

Si Ate Vi (actress and Batangas Governor Vilma Santos). People don’t know that it is me right? People respect me and then they don’t know that I am me inside Ate Vi’s body. They respect me because of how I look and of my political stature.

If you would be stuck alone in a deserted island, what item would you like to have?
Cell phone so that I can call for help, or maybe a laptop, para makapag-Internet.

What was you childhood dream?
I wanted to be a nurse, nahiligan na lang talga ‘yung pag-arte.

What do you think is the turning point in your career?
When I did the role of Malen in the film Santa Santita.

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Sarah Meier:‘Modeling teaches valuable industry lessons’

Sarah Meier:‘Modeling teaches valuable industry lessons’

MODELS who want to extend their careers beyond the runways, billboards, television commercials, and print ads should take their cue from Sarah Meier. Although she still books modeling stints, Sarah has proven that there’s more to her than her looks. Back when being a music channel video jock was the to-die-for job, Sarah was one of the most popular VJs. And then she got married, and had a kid.
“In those less hectic times, out of the public eye, I was visualizing, conceptualizing, and actualizing my next ten-year plan,” she says.
Now back in the spotlight, she hosts The Dollhouse, a daily morning show from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on U92 FM with model Vicky Herrera. Although she’s proud of her work on radio, she is proudest when she’s being a wife and a mother. “Being a wife and mother are two of the most important, high-paying, rewarding, press-worthy job titles I will ever hold,” she says.

Radio Gaga. “People have been asking me why I decided to do radio after television, implying that it was some sort of a downgrade -- which makes me smile because shifting to radio was actually something I did to improve my hosting skills. As a VJ, you have distractions to help you get away with your job.You can smile, dress to impress, bounce around, and in the case of on-screen material, cut and ‘take two’ when you mess up or forget the information in your script. Radio is live. It's every day, and there’s always a responsibility to talk--in my case, for four hours--make sense, impart substance, and keep people entertained on a daily basis without sounding redundant or dated. I like to challenge. Radio deejay-ing is the boss of this next round that I'm going to enjoy conquering.”

Music’s on Her Radar. “As a daily morning rush hour show, The Dollhouse has a set list of songs that our programmer lines up for us. The order in which we play it on the show is up to us. Once in a while, we get away with highlighting some of our favorite tunes from past decades like on Throwback Thursdays, but generally we keep it current. We're such musically inclined jocks at U92 that you can tune in at any point and know that there is a real selector behind the booth and not just some robot.”

On-Air Mishaps. “Any given day, something can go wrong. I can forget to turn off somebody's microphone, or accidentally play a different song than I introduced. It's live, and that's the beauty of it. When I stop making mistakes, it means I'm ready to take on another challenge.”

Shifting Gears. “Shifting to the new studio and learning how to use the equipment came on the first day Vicky, my partner, and I moved to the morning shift, which means it was also the first time we had to wake up at 4 a.m. instead of come in for our 5 p.m. show, and the first time we had to be on air for four hours. Plus, we were the first two jocks on-air at the new station, so we felt like guinea pigs.”

Morning Person. “I think the thought of waking up at 4 a.m. was more daunting than actually doing it. I tried practising a week before, but we were still doing evening shift, and I just ended up exhausted. Now that I am a morning person, I feel like I maximize my day. I can be your alarm clock, instead of hitting the snooze button on mine.”

A Word on Modeling. “Modeling will teach you some of the most valuable lessons you may need to succeed in any industry--how to present yourself, the discipline of recognizing people's expectations and meeting them, being independent, personable, professional, flexible, and open minded provided you have your head screwed on straight. I've found that people who model for the wrong reasons like revenge, to prove something, or to nurse a self-esteem issue, end up with more problems than when they began. I think that's the long-term truth about modeling that nobody warns anybody about.”

The Only Job Title That Matters. “Being a wife and mother are two of the most important, high-paying, rewarding, press-worthy job titles I will ever hold, and investing quality time for family is essential in success, no matter what your job description is. But I am still both a businesswoman and a creative at heart, and so in those less hectic times, out of the public eye, I was visualizing, conceptualizing, and actualizing my next ten-year plan.”

A Healthy Daily Diet. “Eating is a soul-important quasi-luxury. The conversations and relationships formed over meals are wonderful; as is the love put into preparing them. As long as you have a healthy balance of proper eating and exercise, I've discovered that there is no more effective diet in the universe.”

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Vow to WOW
Beauty Secrets of a Radiant Bride

MOD MAY 2010

AMID the hundred and one details you think of on you wedding day, can you ever be the proverbial radiant bride? Although there is no better beauty secret than the glow of happiness on your face as you walk down the aisle toward the groom of your dreams, you still have to check out these beauty trends to be , yes, a radiant bride.

Curl up. “The most popular hairstyle for weddings is the updo. But the trend in gowns today are those with tube top or haltered neckline, and the best hairstyle that goes with such styles is curled hair that cascades down the shoulder,” says Lolita Directo, hairstylist and makeup artist from Freshaire.

More foundation. “What’s in style now is light makeup,” says Lolita. “For occasions such as weddings, however, you'll have to add more foundation than your day-to-day makeup.”

Show your true colors. “Makeup should coordinate with the theme of the wedding. Even the makeup of your entourage members should complement your makeup” Lolita says. "You should standout among the your bridesmaids. We recommend warm, brown shades for color, but fairer brides can opt for cool shades such as blue or violet.”

Know you skin type. “Choose the best makeup for your skin type. For sensitive skin, it is wise to use mineral-based foundation. For oily skin, use liquid foundation.”

Get enough rest. “A beauty rest before your wedding day is a must. Put on night cream before you sleep, and day cream before you put on your makeup,” Lolita adds. She also cautions against using new products for hair and face. "This is not the time to experiment. Stick to your tried and tested brands."

Don’t sweat it. “Too much sweat will ruin your makeup. Use an oil control film and apply enough powder over it. Also, avoid getting too teary-eyed,” Lolita adds, "as this will ruin your eye makeup." “Make sure to keep a tissue handy.”

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Derek Ramsay Interview

Derek Ramsay Century Tuna endorser on rumors, keeping his body fit and the secret of his relationship with Angelica