Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vow to WOW
Beauty Secrets of a Radiant Bride

MOD MAY 2010

AMID the hundred and one details you think of on you wedding day, can you ever be the proverbial radiant bride? Although there is no better beauty secret than the glow of happiness on your face as you walk down the aisle toward the groom of your dreams, you still have to check out these beauty trends to be , yes, a radiant bride.

Curl up. “The most popular hairstyle for weddings is the updo. But the trend in gowns today are those with tube top or haltered neckline, and the best hairstyle that goes with such styles is curled hair that cascades down the shoulder,” says Lolita Directo, hairstylist and makeup artist from Freshaire.

More foundation. “What’s in style now is light makeup,” says Lolita. “For occasions such as weddings, however, you'll have to add more foundation than your day-to-day makeup.”

Show your true colors. “Makeup should coordinate with the theme of the wedding. Even the makeup of your entourage members should complement your makeup” Lolita says. "You should standout among the your bridesmaids. We recommend warm, brown shades for color, but fairer brides can opt for cool shades such as blue or violet.”

Know you skin type. “Choose the best makeup for your skin type. For sensitive skin, it is wise to use mineral-based foundation. For oily skin, use liquid foundation.”

Get enough rest. “A beauty rest before your wedding day is a must. Put on night cream before you sleep, and day cream before you put on your makeup,” Lolita adds. She also cautions against using new products for hair and face. "This is not the time to experiment. Stick to your tried and tested brands."

Don’t sweat it. “Too much sweat will ruin your makeup. Use an oil control film and apply enough powder over it. Also, avoid getting too teary-eyed,” Lolita adds, "as this will ruin your eye makeup." “Make sure to keep a tissue handy.”

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