Thursday, January 29, 2009

Violet Crumble

I could eat chocolate all day. Honestly, my sweet tooth could never tire of that

Be it, chocomucho, goya or Cloud9; Ferrero, Cadbury, or Nestle. I could never imagine anyone not liking chocolate. That's why I think an officemate of mine who doesn't like sweets is from outerspace.

Well, my all time favorite would be 'violet crumble'. When I was a little girl, everytime my mom and I went grocery shopping at Rustan's, I would always ask her to buy me a bar. Everytime she asked why I simply answered just because I liked it.

Unfortunately, the crumbly bar got phased out. Although thanks to the internet, i found out that autralians have the same taste as mine, and its still available there, tagged as their favorite chocolate. (anybody going to Australia?)

Right now, I have to settle for Malteseers, it has that crunhc that violet crumble has,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bring me back to reality

i have this friend who usually complains about her boyfriend and then she says she loves him.

the number of times they've broken up can actually equate all the Chinese people, even those who just look Chinese.

Not a week, nor day, and I'm not exaggerating, has passed that she tested me for a complain.

And they usually have a spat over the smallest things. Just because she was not able to watch an episode of Entourage, which her BF is a fan. Or just because she's been talking to a friend whom her BF does not approve of.

It was the holidays! it would be mean not to greet!

What more, the guy picking out your friends, tsk! Tsk! Even her parents don't do that!

Leave the guy already.

She reasons that she can't because she loves him, she can't stand to be alone.
I wonder does she really love him or perhaps she just loves herself?

If ever this happens to me, I won't leave a guy despite all the bad things he has done, can you slap me and bring me back to reality.//