Friday, March 26, 2010

I remember last year,. i don't know maybe the word wasn't spread that much but hey hopefully this year it would be more successful.

Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change.

Whether you are an individual, a business, a school or a city, you can show your support for Earth Hour by turning off your lights at 8.30PM on March 27 wherever you are on the planet. If you would like to find out more about running Earth Hour in your own country, city or town then visit:

Support Earth Hour by: Turning off your lights at 8.30PM on March 27

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I want to watch this

I really really,. honestly want to watch this,. imagine three major artists (justin timberlake, jojo and timbaland) for the price of one,. but unfortunately nobody wants to come with me,. huhuhu

i guess i'll have to settle for

cobra starship over at trinoma which is all for free

Monday, March 22, 2010

FADAL launch

Launch of Fasahion Designers Association at Shangri-la Plaza.

Here's a peek at some of our homegrown designers collection.

Monday, March 15, 2010

the best buchi

this title,. hands down,. totally belongs to the buchi of three sixty bar over at A. venue (2nd floor)

What's the secret inside isn't the usual burst of air, but surprise your taste buds to get a whack of chocolates. yup, and not just any cholocate, ferrero rocher pa ha.

innovative, experimental and most importantly down right delicioso, that left me and my peers craving for more.

ang dami namin naubos ,. wham,. sarap!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

the cut

Don't know if i'm suddenly so afraid of getting my hair cut. but ever since i got my hair rebonded, i had this fear that if i have it cut, it won't be the same again. Emie of freshaire, did make it easier. she offered kind words of advice like what was the right length for me, and what type of treatments should i get since my hair was rebonded.

I also get my nails manicured, although I was irritated when the manicurist eho was doing the nail art said, "baka hindi mo ma-appreciate dahil hindi ka marunong mag-appreciate ng art."

Even though her comment was rather degrading, I didn't retort anything bad, because after all, I am still under her care, mind you ha, I left pa tip.

Well, I did get what i wanted, a subtle art on my nail, rather than the one that she was pushing, a beach ekek...

Friday, March 12, 2010


Avon recently unveiled their newest collection for summer 2010.

here's a sneak peek

Avon is available at your local distributors and through

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


men are sometimes too egoistical for their own good,. have this office mate who i hmmm,. and we have been often pinned or made fun of,. and ako naman game lang,. nakikisali lang sa joke joke,. tpos ito feeling totoo,. nakkasar tuloy palinhasa totoy at nag-iisang lalki,. ano akala nya ginto sya? hindi ko sya type no?

Camaya Coast

Finally, Your Own Private Island

published MOD MArch 2010
IMAGINE owning your own summer villa with an amazing view of the South China Sea, and next door are not your usual neighbors but the sun, sea, flora and fauna, all easily within reach.

This is now possible via Camaya Coast, an ecotourism developm
ent destination complemented by commercial establishments and residential enclaves. It is 173 kilometers north of Manila and less than three hours from Manila by land.

Manuel Ilagan, president of Earth and Shore Leisure Communities Corporation, the developers of Camaya Coast, says, “The merger of the commercialism with nature is distinctly Camaya. We are going to redevelop the properties on the beach. In Camaya, we aim for continuous adaptation of environment.”

What Ilagan is presenting in Camaya Coast are villas and condos in modern tropical look developed by Philippine GeoAnalytics Group of Companies. “We are proposing a Mediterenan look, thin clean lines that are able to mesh well with seaside development, for the lot owners who we will allow to build after they submit their designs,” Ilagan says. The first clusters of the condominium and villa are expected to be delivered by first quarter of 2011.

Apart from the residential units, Earth and Shore is also developing a hotel in the area that it expects to be finished by 2011. Ilagan says the hotel has about 75 to 100 rooms, and Earth and Shore partnered with Club Leisure, operator of Camp John Hay, for the success of the hotel.

Earth and Shore is also putting up a nature park in a 40-hectare space, setting aside about 15 to 20 hectares for the expansion of the nature park that has mountains and springs that lot owners can treat as their own backyard. Ilagan says, “It would be more fun for the buyers if there would be an abundance of mountains. If we develop it this way, the children will have an idea of an environment integrated with community that they are in. So, with that in mind, we’re also protecting the future generations in understanding the environment, not just develop for profit. We have three waterfalls and natural springs that merge with the sea. Actually, they are developable, but we are going to leave them as is.”

With all these, you’d think Camaya Coast is as it is. But no, it offers more, like endless possibilities for leisure activities. Ilagan shares, “The romance of the sea is timeless, so that is definitely something that we will bank on in Camaya. The swimming pools, chill-out bar, and karaoke room are something for people to enjoy in the day.”

Ilagan looks forward to building a sports mall where speedboats, banana boats, kayaking, biking, zip-ling, and various interests groups can bank on. He says, “We’d let various interests groups come in, tying up with the group that already exists. We do not have a limit on what can be done.”

Camaya Coast premium beach resort and residential community highlights the best of coastal living with a variety of water sports, resort clubs, and commercial facilities. Ilagan shares, “Our main focus is to enjoy life now and not later on, at the same time not hurt your budget.”

For more about Camaya Coast, visit its showroom at the ground floor of Prudential Building., Annex No. 31 EDSA Mandaluyong City, or check out <>.