Sunday, March 14, 2010

the cut

Don't know if i'm suddenly so afraid of getting my hair cut. but ever since i got my hair rebonded, i had this fear that if i have it cut, it won't be the same again. Emie of freshaire, did make it easier. she offered kind words of advice like what was the right length for me, and what type of treatments should i get since my hair was rebonded.

I also get my nails manicured, although I was irritated when the manicurist eho was doing the nail art said, "baka hindi mo ma-appreciate dahil hindi ka marunong mag-appreciate ng art."

Even though her comment was rather degrading, I didn't retort anything bad, because after all, I am still under her care, mind you ha, I left pa tip.

Well, I did get what i wanted, a subtle art on my nail, rather than the one that she was pushing, a beach ekek...

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