Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Read: Till Death Do Us Part by Irene Recio

A great husband was what Nikki thought she has. Even though he's too busy with work and even though he will get angry for little things such as having her hair cut, her husband knows how to make amends like surprising her with a bouquet of flowers and arranging for an anniversary in Baguio.

That same weekend that the couple were in Baguio, a serial killer named the Tailor makes his kill. And, just as Nikki thought that she had made a life changing decision for them, then she finds out something that will make your heart race.

A great and fast read that will leave you wondering what comes next. If this was movie, I'd peg it as Audrey Hepburn's Charade meets Christian Bale's American Psycho.

This book is part of #heistclub

Goodreads blurb: 

Everything in Nikki's life is picture perfect: her photography has taken off and is now a thriving business, she is reconnecting with old friends, and her husband is nothing but devoted to her. That is, until she discovers a shocking truth that might put her and her family in danger.

Till Death Do us Part and other #HeistClub Books are available http://bit.ly/heistclubamazon

For more about #HeistClub: http://alicekamatis.blogspot.com/search/label/%23heistclub

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review: Underneath it All by Ysa Arcangel

"Breaking the rules have never felt so right..."

The tagline summarizes the love story between a college student and her dean.

Sounds inappropriate? Taboo? Dramatic?

Well, because it is and Agata(called Gats by her friends) knows it. But that doesn't stop her to join a sorority because she heard that Reeves (the young hot dean) likes, sorority girls.

Thankfully enough, before she can pledge herself, Reeve came to her rescue in the middle of a storm, swooped her off her feet, and voila! Fireworks!

Agata loves her family so much, that was why Reeve had the opportunity to meet them before they were, um, official. The dilemma? Reeve's sister is actually dating Mik, Gat's twin brother.

Reeve on the other hand has so much family drama going on, that most of the plot problems were (and even had Reeve) focused on that. He wants to seek revenge at his pops, just when the latter appointed him as dean. That leads to him shutting down the school. As expected, Agata's friends and co-students rally to have his decision upturned.

Wait there's more!

Caleb, a photog is pining after Gats, and even got her to move to LA. So, what will happen to Reeve

A little caveat, for you to really enjoy this book, you have to take in everything as fact. Some of that may include Reeve's side of the story, like that of his stepmother and of Red (is he really his half-brother? Cause, he is older than Rogue, who is only a teenager, yet his pining for a girl who is after Reeve).

I couldn't for the love of me, take in Agata's question to Reeve's father when the latter told her that his stepmother was found dead with his baby. I mean, when you are relayed that kind of information, what is the first thing that comes to your mind.

Just like any other series, I have to say I liked the first one better. Probably why, I get squishy inside every time Ivo and Brandy has a scene together. Plus, I think Brandy is getting better. Who-hoo!

I received this book as an ARC for a honest review. Receiving this for free doesn't affect my review.


Goodreads blurb:

A senior at Gates University, Agata Ferrero knows without a doubt that Reeve Gates is off limits…

Students can’t date faculty, and Reeve has been appointed by his father as the new Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. But when a near accident with the front end of Reeve’s sleek sports car brings her in close contact with him, Agata can’t deny the flash of desire that consumes her.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Read: All's Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria

Set to go on a blogtour on the land of egg tarts, Macau, Five was running late, and missed the elevator thanks to a boy who closed it on her. From that awkward (irritating) first meeting, you known right then and there that it was really Jesse who Five will end up with together.

Hk macau
Ruins of St. Paul's Macau. Photo taken by Alice Kamatis
(I'll try no to spoil anything, because I want you to read it for yourself.)

Five's irritation toward Jesse was so cute that I didn't even notice that I was smiling because of all the feels coming from the pages. #kiligpamore! It was Jesse and all his gentlemanly ways (being a hand to hold onto in that rough patch, willingness to help, encouraging words) that made us,made me like him even more for Five. It was also this that made Five fall in love with him.

The main dilemma is pride. A little bit of pride, pride that drives us not to think logically and not to ask the other party concerned on what happened drove this two apart. However, life has a way in straightening out this misunderstanding, and you guessed it an egg tart or in this case an egg pie delivered by a cutie saves the day.

In the end there's a little caveat  it was a reminder from Five that happy endings only happen in books and movies. But, that doesn't mean we can learn how make to our own stories.

Extra: an epilogue of sorts how one guy's ka torpehan can be upturned thanks to the patience of a gal.

Goodreads blurb:

Five Cuevas @fivetravels 
Three guesses to where I'm going next. Starts with an M. Ends with a U. Has a lechon named after it. #travel 

 Twenty-something travel blogger Five thinks she has hit the jackpot when she gets invited to glittering Macau for an all-expense-paid bloggers tour. Think majestic old churches, sparkling casinos, exhilarating bungee jumps, and the world's most unforgettable egg tarts. The trip is practically perfect, except for one little glitch. She gets assigned to be travel buddies with Jesse, the world's most infuriating photo blogger, and it's definitely war at first sight.

 Will Five let Jesse turn her dream vacation into a total nightmare? Or will falling in love be on the itinerary?

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

#HeistClub: The Launch

Let’s write Crime! Filipino writers were challenged to write tales of dark pathways and mysterious psyches, misdemeanor and trouble, dread and doubt.

#HeistClub was an online workshop facilitated by Mina V. Esguerra in the last quarter of 2015. The class was organized by Bronze Age Media and sponsored by Buqo and Enderun’s The Study.

Each crime story had to be set in the Philippines, and it had to be written in English. Each story should pave the way for a series, so it should be Case #1, with the next cases in the works for subsequent release. A foreign language needed to be incorporated into the story, with our sponsor, Enderun providing the writers free translation services.

 The following mentors gave invaluable tips and lessons to the writers during the course of the workshop: Jennifer Hillier, F.H. Batacan, R.J. Taduran, Kevin Uy, Juliet Grames, and Andrea Pasion-Flores.

 In the end, sixteen crime stories were produced. They were released in three ebook bundles on the Buqo application early this year. The bundle names are: What We Fear, Why We Run, and What We Hide.

#HeistClub: Why We Run ·
 Bayawak’s Trail by Justine Camacho-Tajonera ·
The Fraud Hunter Book 1: Chasing an ATM Schemer by Racquel Sarah A. Castro ·
The Retreat by Yeyet Soriano ·
Come With Me by Michael Recto ·
Inertia by Sette Luis

#HeistClub: What We Fear ·
Till Death Do Us Apart by Irene Nicholas-Recio
Soul Makers by Jee Ann Guibone ·
 Classified by Georgette S. Gonzales ·
 High Stakes by Ana Valenzuela ·
 Dressed to Kill by Cassandra Javier

#HeistClub: What We Hide
Snakehead by Bianca Mori
Sampaguita by Mark Manalang
Let’s Play Murder by Farrah F. Polestico
Corpus Delicti by Porcupine Strongwill
The Flame Squad: Sly Prince by Jessica E. Larsen
The Gung Ho Lady by Arlene Manocot

On June 25, 2016, at 6:00 to 9:00 PM at Enderun’s The Study, located at 4th Floor, Podium, Ortigas Center, the sixteen stories will be officially launched to the public. From the time they were released in their ebook bundles, some of the authors have refined, updated and enhanced their respective stories for release as stand-alone novels/novellas in multiple platforms: Buqo, Kindle, Smashwords, and print.

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1623193478001367/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/heistclubthelaunch/