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Win a Free Boracay Package from WOW Philippines Travel Agency

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Win a Free Boracay Package from WOW Philippines Travel Agency

WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc.
is one of the most respected and trusted names in Philippines Travel, arranging short trips and family vacations to any of the 7,100 Philippines Islands. We have been specializing in all inclusive packages since 2005 to top destinations like, Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, Puerto Galera, Baguio, Tagaytay, and Manila as-well-as other island destinations.

WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. is the 1st travel agency in the Philippines to offer FREE VACATION PACKAGES to BORACAY ISLAND, the number #1 Philippines Tourist Destination. Now everyone has a chance to WIN a FREE all expenses paid vacation to Boracay, and all you have to do is to enter the contest is to CREATE a BLOG and paste this info into it, that’s it, it’s just that easy.

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3 Days / 2 Nights - Bamboo Boracay Beach Resort

Enjoy this beachfront resort in Boracay located in station 3, set just a few meter from the beautiful Boracay beach, where you will enjoy beautiful Boracay sunsets and music. The Bamboo Boracay Beach Resort specializing in pampering their guest with beautiful rooms, delicious food, and excellent service from their professional staff.

Flights to Boracay - Manila to Kalibo Airport via Philippine Airlines

No true vacation package is complete without having the air-fare included. WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. will be including ROUNDTRIP AIR-FARE from Manila to Kalibo and back to Manila. Once you arrive at the Kalibo airport you will be greeted by SOUTHWEST Travel & Tours, and transported to Boracay Island via a tour bus.

Boracay Island Transfers - Kalibo Airport to Boracay (roundtrip)

SOUTHWEST Travel & Tours is the OFFICIAL transport company of WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. SouthWest Travel & Tours has been in business for over 15 years, and is considered one of the safest carriers in the Philippines.

Daily Breakfast – Buffet Style

The winners to this Free Boracay Package will also have included a daily breakfast, a set breakfast will be served at the Bamboo Boracay Restaurant.

Boracay Activities - Island Hopping Tour

For one full day our winners will enjoy a tour around Boracay Island that includes snorkeling, as-well as visiting surrounding beaches. (does not include entrance fee into Crystal Cove)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Women Breadwinners: When You Make More Money Than Him


MOD August 2010

“MORE and more families think out of the box, or in a non-traditional way. It is acceptable that roles can be interchanged because of the realities of financial woes,” says Dr. Edgardo Juan Tolentino, head of the psychiatry department at the Makati Medical Center.

Today’s mothers seem to be top executives. More and more women are becoming breadwinners of their household, while the husbands play the role of caregivers to their children. “In the Philippines, to a certain extent, our society is matriarchal. That we have had two female presidents speaks of our acceptance of the woman being empowered,” Tolentino says.

Society views may have changed, but how does that affect your relationship with your man when you earn more money than him? “Always look at the value of what the other person contributes,” Dr. Tolentino advises. “To put it at a smarter perspective, money is important, but look at what both spouses contribute. Even though he (the husband) doesn’t give in as much money, he also shares something else.”


Factors that may have brought upon this type of relationship:

1. Changes in social standard. “There is a change in tradition,” says Dr. Tolentino. “We are now open to a different perspective as we are highly influenced by the Internet. We are able to see other models of relationships, not just the traditional.” We see marriages such as that of Julia Roberts and cameraman Danny Moder which makes us open to a type of relationship where the woman earns more.

2. Personality. “If the man is highly secure with himself and he sees the need to earn, his self esteem is not related to his earnings,” he says.

3. Migration. “The women have greater opportunities to work in other countries as nurses, or domestic helpers. That’s another factor why they have greater earning capacity than the males,” he says.

4. Intermarriages. According to Dr. Tolentino, the Spanish and American colonization and Chinese culture greatly influenced our own. Filipinos have a lot of models of different relationships to choose from.

Advantages of wives as breadwinners

1. Acceptance of switch of roles. “Roles can be interchanged. The man, as long as he is secure with himself, can be highly important even though he is not working. He can take the househusband role, managing the household chores, helping the children with their homework and driving them to school,” explains Dr. Tolentino.

2. Allows for a greater breath of expressing roles. “There is not much pressure as long as both of you and your man are secure that each one is fulfilling an important role,” Dr. Tolentino says. “If you stick to the traditional roles, the doors for cash opportunities might close.”

3. Balance of power. “In any relationship, you will always expect a power balance. Society has put too much value on who holds the purse or who holds the power. But power is something to be shared,” he says. “Even though the man is working, it is expected that he gives the money to the woman. So when there is a reversal of roles, she also gets to budget. It’s not untraditional. It is always the woman who budgets and decides on how to spend it. But today, there are some models, in which the woman shares with the househusband the budgeting. She has the option to modify the expenditures.”

Disadvantages of wives as breadwinners

1. External pressure. “This could be because of the cultural and traditional values of the family,” he says. The man may feel powerless because he is earning less.

2. Internal Pressure “If there are personality problems, like the man is insecure or the woman is domineering, the wife may ask questions like, ‘Why am I the one working? Why am I the one bringing home the bacon?’” he explains.

Angel Locsin: Where She’s Putting Her Money

Angel Locsin: Where She’s Putting Her Money
ANGEL Locsin has already proven herself well in showbiz so she endeavors on a new enterprise where she is putting her well earned money. And she is taking with her the things she learned from the entertainment industry as she fulfills a new role of an entrepreneur.
The actress recently ventured into the food industry by opening her own bar and KTV in Quezon City, which is called Fuel Up. “It’s my first time to do this, to engage in a business, specifically a bar. Lately I’ve been going out a lot because I really don’t know what the people are looking for. The crowd in Makati is different from the crowd in Quezon City, right?”
It is not only research that Angel is doing, as when it comes to her business, she is hands-on. “There are times that I go to the bar and oversee things. I even mix drinks. Of course it’s just a new business. I really have to assist my staff and we need to work hand in hand. We are like one big family there,” she says.
She fondly recalls one incident when she gladly helped out. “There was one time we were shorthanded, and our bartender needed assistance. Our customers wanted some drinks and to take pictures with me. Then, I thought, hmm… why don’t I help out? I asked them, ano gusto n’yo? Our sales went double that night. Every time someone would take a picture they would need to drink beer or take a shot first. It was fun, tapos na-enjoy naman nila, kasi ako ‘ yung nagmi-mix talaga,” she says.
Of course like any regular establishment, Fuel Up also encounters some dilemmas. She shares, “One time, there was a group who went on a field trip in our bar. We didn’t know what to do. Kasi ‘di ba, why would you have field trip in a bar? They were all minors. If we turned them away, they would be offended. Also, our regulars and walk-in customers were there. Even though they were so many-- a bus full! --they weren’t really ordering much. Probably because they were still minors. So we just talked to them and stated our rules. Of course some were offended. But we really needed to do that.”
“Success is not all luck. There are certain opportunities that pass us by, may mga tsamba, but then you also have to prove yourself,” Angel says. Of course we know that Angel proved herself well by not passing by opportunities such as the youth show Click, and in the fantasy series Mulawin where she played Alwina. Even more, she proved her acting prowess via an Emmy nomination for her role as she-wolf in the teleserye Lobo.
Up next for Angel is a movie with Aga Muhlach, tentatively titled Huling Sayaw, where she plays the role of a pole dancer ."When I was offered the role, my reaction was, ‘Are you sure that it is me you want to cast?’ In this movie, I had to do everything that I didn’t want to do, as in lahat.” Angel says. To prep up for the role, she had to take up pole dancing lessons.
“You wouldn’t be able to last in the entertainment industry if you don’t have the talent, proper attitude, and if you don’t work your fingers to the bone,” Angel says.
With this kind of outlook, it is no wonder why she has many projects and endorsements, among them top retail brand Folded and Hung and canned goods giant Century Tuna.
“Some think that showbiz is all glitz and glamour,” she says. “No, it’s not just that. There are days when you don't feel the emotion the director calls for, but you just have to emote it. That’s how draining the work is.”
Problems such as having minors in a bar you own or being cast in a challenging role may be a regular rough patch on the road, but this girl can seem to solve them well, with a dose of talent and a shot of perseverance. “It just takes hard work for you to do your job well. Research, be on time, and be professional,” she says.

Angel Talks Fitness and Money
What’s your daily diet like?
I have to have a cheat day, where in I eat whatever I want. Before, I chow down on a lot of junk food, but now, I don’t eat as much anymore. I stopped eating junk food this year.
Do you have a sports regimen?
I do biking and belly dancing.
How about your exercise regimen?
I jog. I work out. There’s a video called Insanity. You should watch it. The workout is super intense. It is not that new, but it is slowly gaining a following.
How do you budget your money?
I have an accountant who helps me with my budget. I don’t spend that much. I only treat myself with food actually and, oh yeah, shoes. If I don’t need something then I won’t buy it. I keep my payments in the bank and withdraw cash only if needed.
What is one thing that you are saving for?
I already have a house, so I’d like to have more investments.
Define Wealth
I am rich in family and friends. I consider myself blessed for having that kind of family who supports me. At the same time, they don’t tolerate the bad things that I do. They treat you as a normal person and not as a celebrity