Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: The Last Airbender

Coming from an avid viewer of the cartoon series Avatar: the legend of Aang, the last airbender, I am not pleased with the movie. But, I already knew that I'd be disappointed with the film adaptation, because of the casting and of course how limiting two hours can be as compared to a whole season.

I really have a big problem with the casting. Dev Patel as the Fire nation's Zuko, he's indian, the cartoon clearly draws him as Chinese. Couldn't they have just find a Chinese, Japanese or even Korean actor ro play Aang's arch enemy (that's all, I'm going to say first cause a line in the movie "we could be friends you know," Aang to Zuko is a dead giveaway of what's going to happen in the sequel.) They could have cast Korean-Actor Rain, who I believe already made a hollywood action film. Zuko is older than Aang. Plus, if they really wanted Dev Patel, he could have been perfect for the role of Sokka. Sokka in the cartoons is drawn similar to Dev's features. In defense of Jackson Rathbone (Twilight), i liked his performance, especially during the first parts when they were out hunting, I got some hints of Sokka's kookiness.

Another problem that I had with the movie was that the characters weren't given much personalities. I do remember that episode of when Katara was teaching Aang, but it didn't really show in the movie that she was jealous of him because he was learning faster than her, instead Aang pretended to not learn and was practicing only in night time. I wonder how they are going to make Aang like Katara, because he has a crush on her, but it was not an issue in the movie. Aang's pets, Appa and Momo did not have much parts in the movie, but at least they were brillaintly done and could very much compare to the original, "yip, yip!"

Plus , the Avatar state was tinkered with. The Avatar state is when Aang is most powerful and all elements---earth, air, water and fire are with him, this only happens when he is most angry, and when he is in the avatar state, he becomes helpless afterwards. In the movie, Aang was in the Avatar state when he was controlling the ocean trying to defeat the Fire Nation, and after he did so, he was okay.

Apart from that, i also have a problem with the execution as not much special effects and new tactics nad martial arts skills were used. I was watching in 3D,. DUH? What more it was all eery and dark, yes i know I was in the cinema, but then even the day scenes have a glint of being dark, I guess that must have been the director's signature? I would have really wanted the movie to be written by the original creators and not by the director, M. Night, but hey, that's just me, right?

Although, I am disappointed, i will still watch part two, book 2: earth, where another of my favorite character Toph, a 12 year old blind girl who is also Aang's Earth bending teacher will appear. oh yeah King Bumi, Aang's friend is awesome too.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Avon's Skin So Soft Lotion

My skin has been dry, all my life. Truth be told, back in high school, our school doctor even prescribed me a moisturizing soap for me to use.

Then, when college came I stopped using it and drank lots of water instead. But, my skin has never been smooth.

After trying out Avon's skin So soft lotion, i have been a convert, i now am a an avid lotion user. There are more lotions at home for me to try, but really this one is the best, as it not only feels good,it also smells good.

Monday, July 19, 2010

'A positive attitude makes a woman beautiful'

Sister speak with Carla abellana:
'A positive attitude makes a woman beautiful'
July 2010

WITH her skin's pinkish, white glow, Carla Abellana could have easily bagged her dream gig during her pre-showbiz, modeling days: to appear in a Pond's television commercial. According to the actress, she always wanted to appear in an ad for the beauty product. She even tried her luck in three VTRs. But Carla's dream never came to be. Little did she know that she would be in for a much bigger break: the lead role—the title role, if we may add--in a prime time television series. That, as most teleserye fans know, was Rosalinda, a local adaptation of a Mexican telenovela. And the bonus part? She did get the commercial of her dreams as she's now the newest endorser of Pond's.

Now, as one of the most recognizable faces on TV, Carla makes a conscio
us effort not only to look good but be good in her craft. Here, the star of Basahang Ginto spills some other beauty and career secrets.

Away with negativity. “Confidence and attitude is what makes a woman beautiful. Kahit sino ka pa, kahit hindi maganda ang skin mo or what, basta masayahin kang tao at positive ka, that’s what will make you beautiful. Although there are low days, I manage naman to maintain that positive attitude. Importante 'yan to keep me going. At sa trabaho ko hindi naman puwedeng nakasimangot at nagsusungit ka.”

Her happy pill.
“Happiness is just a matter of counting your blessings, and seeing what matters to you. Kahit anong problema ang ibigay sa 'yo alam mong nandiyan 'yung family and friends mo. That's what makes me happy always--family and friends talaga, plus I have a good career and that I’m given so many opportunities and blessings.”

Taking the challenge head-on. “I think the toughest challenge that I have faced in show business was the adjustment phase, and that I had to start from scratch. Nandoon 'yung ‘O sino siya? Sa'n siya galing?' Kasi normally ang artista, tini-train 'yan, bini-build up, nag-iipon siya ng experience. Ako wala akong ganyan, wala akong bala. Right away, I was given a lead role in my own show. Ang daming expectations from the network pa lang, all the more from the public. So I had to maintain an image. I had to really learn to sing, dance, act...everything. In such a short span of time, kinailangan kong humabol sa ibang artista and deal with the pressure, the schedule, and everything else. So nung umpisa nangangapa pa ako.”

One step at a time.
“I told myself na kakayanin ko with the blessing and the support of my family, and that I’ll take it one day at a time--'yung kailangan kong gawin today, 'yun lang muna. Hindi ko na masyado inisip ang future. Sucessfully, thankfully, nagawa ko 'yun. I was given enough time to prepare, so I’d like to believe that I was able that to prove something in that one year I was in showbiz. Acting has helped me a lot. Doon ko nadaan ang emotions ko.” Newbie forever. “It’s been a year since I entered showbiz and I can say that I've adjusted. Hindi nga ako makapaniwalang its been a year, eh. I’ve learned to really enjoy my job now and madami na akong ka-close sa industriya. Dati kasi syempre nandoon 'yung pressure kasi baguhan ka. But I will always see myself as a newcomer and that will always make me humble--kung paano ako nag-umpisa, saan ako nag-umpisa, at kung ano ako dati. What’s important is nalampasan ko na yung stage na 'yun--'yung puno ng anxieties, kaba, pressure, and stress.”

The backup plan . “I have a degree already, so no matter what happens with my showbiz career, I have a job pa rin, may fallback ako. I can go back to teaching, or to the corporate world.”

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Derek Ramsay: Dodging Rumors


A STAR’s popularity can be measured by the number of rumors floating around him. Derek Ramsay isn’t an exception, as he is hounded by rumors left and right.
May issue na peke ang katawan ko, may issue din daw na may gay sex video ako,” says the Century endorser, used to all this brouhaha. “Wala akong tinatagong asawa sa ibang bansa, wala akong tinatagong anak that I know of, at wala din akong gay sex video.”
He adds, “’Yung pinaka-nakakatawa ay ‘yung peke daw yung katawan ko,” he says. Can’t blame him. After all, he worked out for his body? More than eating the right kind of food, he works on his physique through his passion for sports like ultimate Frisbee, and now mixed martial arts (MMA) in preparation for his role in the teleserye Magkaribal which started airing recently. "Nag-training kami sa URCC (Universal Reality Combat Championships). I had some good trainers sa Mojo Gym who helped me out. Parang crash course in MMA, which I really, really enjoyed. So when I get back from South Africa, I might step away from Frisbee for a while and strengthen my body through MMA. Parang wrestling, boxing, and ju-jitsu caught my interest," he says.
Derek’s calm approach to intrigues, however, stops once his family gets involved. And actress Angelica Panganiban, his longtime girlfriend, always seems to be dangled along, with some rumormongers insinuating she doesn’t get along with his family. According to Derek, not only him, but also his family, like the Rubi star.
“We’re not just partners, we’re also friends,” Derek says on what keeps his relationship with Angelica strong. “We help each other grow in our careers, given na ‘yun na you’re supposed to trust each other. Anyone can say that, but in our relationship, we let ourselves grow. I don’t set rules for Angel when she became my girlfriend, or when I became her boyfriend. I’m not going to set rules, if she wants to change for me, or if I want to change for her, we do that by ourselves. We don’t impose on each other. She’s growing as a person, as an actress. I’m growing as a person, I think. That’s the reason why happy ‘yung relationship namin.”

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sally Hansen now available in the Philippines

Want bright colored nails in as fast as 60 seconds?
Wait no more as Sally Hansen manicure and pedicure was recenlt launched here in the Philippines.

Done in 60 seconds!

Sally Hansen is available in all leading department stores.