Saturday, July 17, 2010

Derek Ramsay: Dodging Rumors


A STAR’s popularity can be measured by the number of rumors floating around him. Derek Ramsay isn’t an exception, as he is hounded by rumors left and right.
May issue na peke ang katawan ko, may issue din daw na may gay sex video ako,” says the Century endorser, used to all this brouhaha. “Wala akong tinatagong asawa sa ibang bansa, wala akong tinatagong anak that I know of, at wala din akong gay sex video.”
He adds, “’Yung pinaka-nakakatawa ay ‘yung peke daw yung katawan ko,” he says. Can’t blame him. After all, he worked out for his body? More than eating the right kind of food, he works on his physique through his passion for sports like ultimate Frisbee, and now mixed martial arts (MMA) in preparation for his role in the teleserye Magkaribal which started airing recently. "Nag-training kami sa URCC (Universal Reality Combat Championships). I had some good trainers sa Mojo Gym who helped me out. Parang crash course in MMA, which I really, really enjoyed. So when I get back from South Africa, I might step away from Frisbee for a while and strengthen my body through MMA. Parang wrestling, boxing, and ju-jitsu caught my interest," he says.
Derek’s calm approach to intrigues, however, stops once his family gets involved. And actress Angelica Panganiban, his longtime girlfriend, always seems to be dangled along, with some rumormongers insinuating she doesn’t get along with his family. According to Derek, not only him, but also his family, like the Rubi star.
“We’re not just partners, we’re also friends,” Derek says on what keeps his relationship with Angelica strong. “We help each other grow in our careers, given na ‘yun na you’re supposed to trust each other. Anyone can say that, but in our relationship, we let ourselves grow. I don’t set rules for Angel when she became my girlfriend, or when I became her boyfriend. I’m not going to set rules, if she wants to change for me, or if I want to change for her, we do that by ourselves. We don’t impose on each other. She’s growing as a person, as an actress. I’m growing as a person, I think. That’s the reason why happy ‘yung relationship namin.”

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