Thursday, January 29, 2009

Violet Crumble

I could eat chocolate all day. Honestly, my sweet tooth could never tire of that

Be it, chocomucho, goya or Cloud9; Ferrero, Cadbury, or Nestle. I could never imagine anyone not liking chocolate. That's why I think an officemate of mine who doesn't like sweets is from outerspace.

Well, my all time favorite would be 'violet crumble'. When I was a little girl, everytime my mom and I went grocery shopping at Rustan's, I would always ask her to buy me a bar. Everytime she asked why I simply answered just because I liked it.

Unfortunately, the crumbly bar got phased out. Although thanks to the internet, i found out that autralians have the same taste as mine, and its still available there, tagged as their favorite chocolate. (anybody going to Australia?)

Right now, I have to settle for Malteseers, it has that crunhc that violet crumble has,

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