Thursday, March 05, 2009

make me immortal

Gods and goddesses before where held to highest esteem because of thier power and immortality. Even hjfg rwanted to be immortal. But i define immortality in a different light. We all have to die.

Its all about being remembered. Even after i die, a little kid will be reading a poem about me, that’s how I wanted to be immortalized. Like Petrarch‘s Laura, who can write an entire poem just about her hand.

Where else can i find them but in their own little literature dkjfgbreg I don’t want to go to conspiracy just yet or where i hear a poetry reading might be. I had to break the ice. Join the club somehow.

So i insisted upon being a writer. After college, my first job was as a staff writer to this new condo magazine. It was good, because I was working alongside a poet, who was esteemed by his peers/ has never won a Palanca

Slap-bitched that i do not know how to write. Ouch! At my first job it made me cry. The publisher did not know of what he was saying . He didn’t mean to say it, and for me that hurts. What he said and that it came abruptly in a casual conversation.

Second it was said more nicely. Just that i needed some improvements

So after i took sometime out did a little soul searching on what i wanted to do with my life. I ended up applying for almost anytype of job, just to get a crack at it. I’m young! Just like some of my friends I can shift careers if I was not up for it.

In came my new work, I have lunch everyday with girls from my age group, so we usually talk about guys a lot. All of them have families already, I’m the only inexperienced one. They asked me what I look for, what turns me on.

Still,i was a bit puzzled, if i should continue on for my search for immortality. But i had no general requirements except for those people looking like tortured artists. So i hastily gave away guys with long hair and balbas sarado. They laughed and immeditely linked that image to the manong on the corner street.

If they only knew, Stupi d crushes, obsessions even, that almost lead to the point of stalking them. Calling them by junkfood names, cause that was what i together with a friend that i desperately snuck along saw thwm by.

So if want to be remembered, i don’t need a fikehrf to write me a poem or a painter to turn me into a monalisa. I don’yt want to be somebody’s wife or somebody’e muse. Iwant to be my own brand in my own work, i can be known. Only i can makemyself immortal.

If i wan to be immortalized, i have to do it myself, i want o be known as me for having done something great not just because of someone.

Besides by the next century, everybody would be looking throught the computer, probably reading somebody’s blog or downloading a movie.

How many of you know laura and petrarch?

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