Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sweet Buys

Two hours tops, thats all it takes for me to finish a ninety page book. I didn't care whether my parents would be ordering pizza with everything on it, which is my favorite food on the world. All I cared about was finishing the book and knowing what would happen to Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their friends, all characters of the book series Sweet Valley Twins. I was so enthralled in the words that I was reading that i wanted to find out what is next and at the same time i didn't want it to end.

But that was then, back when i was still in Grade five. Now, the hundred books that I have collected through the years are now unread and collecting dust on the corner of my room. I was in need of money and my mother was again and again complaining about the stuff in my room. So it came to me that I needed to unload and maybe sell some of my things.

I wasn't sure of how to buy nor sell online but I have heard of from friends who have worked in Sales. They say that it a great retail machinery, a quick way to sell things and buy things at an affordable price. So having been a member after this good recommendation, I decided to give sulit a try and sell some of my most valued books.

As I have said before, I am a newbie in the virtual retail industry. I merely followed the pattern that sellers did as I posted my own ad for my books. Some sellers opt to ship while some some would prefer to meet with their buyers, so being located in the heart of the city, i decided to just trust my instincts and place my number for a possible meetup.

I guess trust---in a crucial role in my first sell. As a new seller, i didn't know what i would encounter, i haven't even bought anything online. Still trusting, that they know their users well and it wouldn't place me any harm, made me post my number thus making me profit.

I sold my sweet Valley books to two different buyers from I know that this girls would be flipping through the pages that i once enjoyed.

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