Friday, March 25, 2011

Antonio's Grill

Two hours drive from Quezon City (My friends Cy, Khay, Mela, Tin and I came from SM Sta. Mesa) is Antonio's Grill in Tagaytay. My friends were craving for Bulalo, and so,...

On their Bulalo:

Khay: Malabas
My Take: Am not really a Bulalo eater, but the meat was good, it was tender, plus it was tasty,.

On their Liempo:

On their Tawilis:

My take: It was my first time to eat tawilis. So I didn't really know how to, should I dip it in soy sauce? eat it with bulalo? after all Khay was giddy when she ordered this dish right after bulalo. So i deboned the fish and dunked the white meat in toyo. That was when I was told that it should be eaten as a whole. But hey, whether it be dipped in soy scuce, or eaten with bulalo, it just tastes good although not the same. Try it! :)

On their Laing:
Tin: Maasim
Khay: baka sira na yung gata

But no it was no the gata, it was just made that way, made to be maasim, so if you like suka (although it does not taste that way, ha?) on your laing, maybe this is just for you.


Mango Slush:
Mela: Mas masarap yung watermelon slush, maasim yung Mango Slush. Kulang ng asukal, at gusto ko kasi yung may gatas.

Antonio's Grill: Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Tagaytay City

Ambience: Relaxing sounds compliment Tagayatay's cool winds
How to get there: Take SLEX, exit to Santa Rosa, then turn right after paying the toll. Drive straight on until you get to the Tagaytay City,...

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