Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Week 2: Professional Goal on a Clean Slate

As my Wholehearted #Leap61 Journey continues, I need to make a declaration about myself and for this whole journey, and that is: 

Declaration: I Make Great Things Happen with my love and power!

For me to achieve this declaration, I must first come from essence, or come from: Be-Do-Have.

Along with this, we Team #Leap61 also created goals for ourselves.
Mine are for
Personal Goal: Creative Expression: Release an E-book with two other creative activities
Professional Goal: Present to a hundred people. 


Professional Goal: 100 People in Seven Weeks!

That's not easy, I know, my target is to present to at least 15 people a week. I really need to make kayod.

Thankfully with the support of a loving coach, and team 61, I know I can do this!

First Presentation, Monday Night: Coach Coey (mi mudrabells) and Coach Ryan

Tuesday: Sir Rhoy, who I will followup as he will set up an appointment for me with his wife and kid

Tuesday Night: Friends and lovers: Sam Yap and Ryan and Bel Ang
Thanks Ryan for the body language review. Ryan used to be a financial consultant, Sam on the other hand promised to invest millions

Tuesday Night2: Teammate Len Samonte, her sister, Loving Den, and Elaine.

Status: All of this presentations are for follow-up 
Number of persons presented: 12! :) Yay! 

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