Friday, August 05, 2011

Keeping your kitchen TECH-SAVVY

by Ana Valenzuela
July 21, 2011

The smell of coffee beans roasting on the coffeemaker as you turn off your alarm clock is enough to wake anyone up. Sounds highly improbable, your coffeemaker would also be your daily alarm clock? With the Gaggenau CM 710, which has a programmable turn-on that time, one can get ready for work while enjoying the aroma of caffeine.

It is not just the coffeemaker which Gaggenau appliances are making adjustments in to the kitchen life. Ferdinand Ong, the general manager of Living Innovations differentiates these products from other household appliances. He says, “one is efficiency—our products are accurate. If you’re doing a soufflé, you would need the accurate temperature. Number two is the longevity of parts and warranty, we give products. Plus, we are developing, we are always one step ahead. I don’t think you’ve ever seen stuff like we do, and that has been in the market for three years already. We are introducing new technological patent in the kitchen field.’’

Out of all the kitchen appliances that Living Innovations provides, Ong believes that the convection oven is a must, It is what (Gaggenau) are known for. We’ve been building ovens for 300 years, and you could do anything from baking, doing a steak, and making bread in an oven. More than a cooktop, you would need an oven more, that’s where you do 80 percent of your cooking. “

Gaggenau has ovens which consumers can choose to suit to their needs. Among these are the Gaggenau BO 610 that has a stainless steel aluminium-backed full glass door with panoramic view and has 12 heating methods with core temperature probe and baking stone option. The BL 253 110 has its own elevator or LiftMatic function which loads and unloads the food into the cooking cavity so that heat will heat rise and remains inside. The BS 610 uses pressureless steam, one of the healthiest cooking methods as it retains vitamins, minerals, consistency and color of food. With these in your house, certainly, the oven would be the central element of kitchen.

“Ours is more specialized, and we give value for money,” Ong says referring to the products and services that Living Innovations offers in to the Philippine market. Sometimes the main problem would be maintaining cleanliness. So, Living Innovations offers a short term cleaning seminar for the household staff,’’ he adds.

“If you’d want to buy a sports car what would you buy? A Porsche versus a Toyota? We would give you more performance and means of use. We would give you the product in the best quality possible.”

Cooking would definitely be as easy as frying an egg if one’s kitchen is furnished with Bulthaup kitchen counters and equipped with Gaggenau appliances, the best there is.

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