Thursday, September 19, 2013

What is the connection between Georgina WIlson, Aiza Seguerra, and Charice?

The connection, the last two are so obvious, they are both gay, have come out and have scheduled a concert dubbed as the "The Power of Two," in Araneta.

Both of them have wonderful credentials, and with that speaks to a lot of fans and followers.  Charice has been labeled as the most talented girl in the world Aiza has made her mark in the local music scene, with a number of successful shows and hits to her name. But honestly. when you hear her voice you think of a beautiful woman singing about waiting for love, and maybe that it not too late to say I love you.  Eh?

So what about Georgina? To be frank, I think the concert will be a bigger hit if the girls promised more than just these two girls jamming. Am talking about what Isabelle Daza and her cousin Georgina Wilson did on social media, which has amassed over 10 thousand likes. Think about it some girl on girl action. Something similar to what Katy Perry sang about you know kissing a girl ooh  "the taste of her cherry chapstick "

But, it has to be something more than two butches, a pretty girl at that. Please not (the overused) Mocha!!!

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