Monday, November 25, 2013

TO ABS-CBN: Please learn your language

I heard it before, and  I heard it again. Each time the word comes out from one of the top TV's newscast my ears cringe.

Sincero, which I think means sincere.

Each time I hear it. Ack! This is a crime worth punishment, as it is murder, They are murdering the Filipino language. How many English words have they tried to tagalize? I understand that most of the news reports are on ad lib. Just like the time first time I heard it from Anthony Taberna on his morning show? But tonight, I do not anymore think that this is on ad lib. Henry Omaga Diaz was doing the evening newsbreak (on When a Man Falls in Love), and iIheard him say that stupefied word.   Can the ABS-CBN  News team not think of any other better word to replace this un-word? Say tapat.

Here are a few sugggestions from Google Translate

Another word that comes to mind is the Channel 2 brand name of Kapamilya.

Before when we say it is for my family, we state it as 'Para ito sa Pamilya ko', but then today: 'Para to sa Kapamilya ko.'

Well, this is great branding. But, do we want a family member to be associated with ABS?

You have to realize that the only way that the English speaking Pinoy toddlers learn Filipino from is through the media And when the media does not know how to speak Filipino properly, then what will become of our language? Shall it be butchered the same way we did to the alibata.  

I know that they say language evolves. But honestly, do we want the Filipino language to be a copycat of US English, but instead our words will end in -a or -o.

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