Monday, December 23, 2013

Xmas boo boo: Christine Reyes

When asked why should we celebrate Christmas this year after a string of disasters, Kapamilya star Christine Reyes answered:
 "because it's the day out Father was born. We should give thanks."
Now, I do not know if the Honesto star, Christine Reyes is a Christian or not (but I am guessing that she is as she agreed to answer the said question), but is she serious? Christmas day is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ our saviour. Although there have been debates on whether this is the true date or not, December 25 has long been considered as the birthday of Jesus. As for our omnipotent Father, which Reyes claims as the one who had been born, he was conceived even before time began.
Has Reyes long been celebrating the Yuletide season not knowing the real reason why? Tsk tsk.
Honestly, Christine should have listened to Religion class and brush up more on her Catechism. Please read the Bible between takes, Christine. Am sure the book of Genesis will be a good start.

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