Monday, May 12, 2014

Viking Screamfest in Manila

Welcome to Viking Screamfest, an open cinema featuring the scariest part of Norwegian culture.

On the 17th of May, Norwegians all over the world will celebrate the 200 years Bicentenary of the Norwegian constitution, also known as “the people’s constitution”. Since the best way to celebrate a people’s constitution is with a party for the people, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila is hence proud to present Viking Screamfest, a one night open air film festival, hosted in partnership with Kanto Artist Run Space, supported by Vinyl on Vinyl, WabiSabi, B-side and The Collective.

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As Norway celebrates its 200 years of independence, the Norwegian cultural roots dates from much earlier times.Living far from each other, surrounded bydark woods, tall mountains and deep fjords
Norwegians have partly entertained and partly scared each other with myths and folk tales about trolls and gnomes for thousands of years.

Even in our days, the creatures from Norwegian folk tales and folklore still exists in Norwegian culture, and Norwegians still like to scare each other. In fact, this is partly the source of the continuous production of Norwegian horror films, embracing the gloomy parts of the Norwegian history, fantasy and scenery. These films are both nationally and internationally acclaimed and loved, and on the 17th of May, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila wishes to offer a glimpse of this part of the Norwegian culture for those who dare.

To quote the author Strindberg August: “To fight with trolls, free princesses and kill werewolves, that is to live!”

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