Sunday, March 05, 2006

bye daddy Ador,.

I'll never forget the moment we kissed the night of the hay ride
The way that we hugged to try to keep warm while takin' a sleigh ride

Magic moments, mem'ries we've been sharin'
Magic moments, when two hearts are carin'
Time can't erase the memory of
These magic moments filled with love

The telephone call that tied up the line for hours and hours
The saturday dance I got up the nerve to send you some flowers

(the way that we cheered whenever our team was scoring a touchdown)
The time that the floor fell out of my car when I put the clutch down
(the penny arcade, the games that we played, the fun and the prizes)
The halloween hop when everyone came in funny disguises

Magic moments filled with love

Daddy is now in a better place.

I will always remember him and mommy always wanting to spend time with us, their grand children. A few years back, there would always be the weekly trips to Manila, just to visit us. We would always be eager with whatever pasalubong or treats they bring (chocolates, chichirya, etc.). Every summer they would come and get us to be with them in Tarlac. While on our way, we would each time stop to get treats. I remember the music playing Perry Como’s songs (Magic Moments, Caterina, Delaware). While in Tarlac, we did not spend most of our times together. Us, grandkids would spend mainly all our time playing by the pool or watching TV. I think only Jero got to accompany him to a cockpit derby, where he would usually be. What he wanted was just to see us, and be with us even just for the summer.

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