Monday, October 27, 2008

american looking for baby maker filipina

Posting job ads on the net is what I usually do for work. So, when i opened my outlook today and i was hoping for an applicant response to my several posts. What surprise i had when this guy gave me a response complete with details:

How are you?
I saw your on interent!
I am American male coming to Manila seeking true love, marriage, want to make family, have baby,true love,happiness together!
I am also looking for female friend, guide,language exchange!
I am 36year old so do not have time for playing games Give me your phone number and email addresses I will call you when I arrive in Manila!
Now I live in Japan for 5 years but want to live in Manila or you can come with me in USA or Japan!
What are other popular homepages for Phillipino as graig list?
I have blue,light sea color eyes,handsome,light broun hair,medium,well build,sincere,romantic,honest,gentleman.
I like to exersize everyday 1-2 hours,muscler,I have black belt in self defense arts!
See all about me:
215 photos of me, my mother, father, also you can see me when I was child and my students-children,adults:
my skype id: marriagebaby
msn messenger id: ourmarriagetruelove
yahoo id: letsmarrybabyhappiness
Write me your Manila mobile phone number and email addresses here: I will call you when I arrive in Manila in December!
Call me here now 81-9060549457 Im in Tokyo now, i want to get to know you by phone before I arrive in Manila!

nastereotype na ba tyong mga filipina as mail-order bride? o baka in another light,. we are painted as loving , malambing, magaling na asawa?

whatever it might be? this man is desperate, that he wouldn't even try to get into a relationship, my officemates even joke around for me to chide the guy. Whatever, i do think that a relationship should always have a foundation. You should always be friends first, because if the love fades, at least you have friendship to back you up.


Anonymous said...


I have recived the same email, exactly the same content on October 24, 2008. I tried ringing up the number and of course it was in Japanese Language.

I did not bother to answer the "man" back as it would be a waste of energy on my part.

This is simply annoying.....

Anonymous said...

I may be contacted at

anae said...

who are you? are you also looking for a baby maker?

anae said...

yes, aint it? why can't people just find love on their own?

summer fireflies said...

hahaha!! interesting!

nakita mo ba pic? pogi ba? hehehe....
ah well.. desperate matters call for desperate measures dba? baka may putok kaya alang gelpren. hihihi

anae said...

may pic na kasama yung file,. bwahahha,/. bakit type mo??? send ko sayo, u want? whahahhaha

Anonymous said...

you know what? This person is now in Manila meeting women/ name it..a chatmate online..a woman that is, decided to meet this guy for coffee..Guess what? He is such a big loser!!

Thank God! I hate spammers! So far I have met good people on the net...