Monday, November 17, 2008

Stolen French Fries

Which fast food has the best french fries? Is it Jollibee's crispy you could hear it in your ears cackling as you bite in to the thinly cut "potatoes? Maybe McDonald's salty goodness that you don't care if its only 2% of real vegetable. Maybe KFC thickly cut fries covered with breading that that only Col. Sanders knows

OH french Fries, its like a cycle you grab a piece or two from that the nest of fries then dip into the ketchup then finally to your mouth. It's repetitive cycle that you just can't abhor until you run out of those fake oil-dipped potatoes , you just cant' get enough its tempting.

Maybe, the best question, is which fries are worth stealing?
He was getting us fries! OMG!

quietly freaking out, i could feel my eyes popping out of my face. I couldn't face the counter nor the one assisting us, who seemed to be going for it.

I couldn't believe it! Joimz, my cousin was getting away with it. All he really did was show the staff the card and Presto! Free Fries! Gosh! I was not gonna eat that, and I told my cousin just that.

It was something like Phoebe Buffay's stolen shoes going every time she walked, "not mine, not mine". I could imagine with each bite sounding "hin-di sa-yo, hin-di sayo"
Ay naku!

It was an ordinary sunday afternoon, just the two of us discussing future business plans, so we both went to a Tito's house. Then decided to grab a bite at a nearby fast food, which was KFC. He ordered the newest thing on the menu, the KFC SNACKBOX, while I went for something ordinary, a burger and fries.

A slow day for the resto, because there were only us and two tables occupied. The reason why, maybe there were no waiting chicken nor fries for us. So the cashier gave me a card for my waiting fries.

We took our seat at a nearby table. And i left Joimz to get a few condiments, ketchup, gravy, water that sort of thing. And as i had my tray of nearly everything i wanted, the cashier gave me my fries.

So we had everything then , right? We were about to finish our meal, when we noticed that we still had our card which would signal the staff to bring us something.
So my cousin and I thought of a dare. He said he could do it!
If no one notices, I'm gonna treat him to a movie, but if someone does,ah, he'll have to pay for my ticket.
So he called on the nearest staff member, the one clearing the table next to ours and brought to his attention that we were still waiting for something. FRIES!

Joimz eyes were focused on the guy, but then.
Yes, but then.


The cashier who took our order asked the staff what it was for, then she approached us.

She and Joimz had a little discussion.
i couldn't bare to look, much less my deaf ears couldn't eavesdrop on what they were talking about? Were we gonna get our fries? Was he gonna get away with it?
And then, I found the cashier nodding and smiling towards my cousin.
Okay, cool it!
Nagpalusot lang pala ito, wahhahaahhaahha!!!! akwakakakak!!!!! He only asked about the snack box and not anymore the fries!


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