Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Schizo Tendencies

even a computer gets a virus, thus comes the old adage, nobody is perfect.


I was on my way home, riding the MRT with my friend, Mary. When she suddenly whispered, "Bans, tignan mo yung babae oh, nagsasalitang siyang mag-isa." Refering to a lady sitting infront of us. At first I thought she was talking about the morena girl who came in with a coworker, obviously, because they were both in uniform.
So I told her, "hindi no, ayun yung kausap nya" my lips pursing towards her companion who was standing.

"Hindi yan yung katabi nya,"
Sure enough the one seated next to morena girl was having a candid conversation. She looked happy, smiling infact as she told her story.

But to whom? My head searched the entire stretch, to prove Mary that she was not speaking to herself.

Well her eyes were fixed straight ahead, but she couldn't be talking to the girls in our bench, since most of them were blocked by people already standing with heads back. Nor the person seated next to hers, because I remember her coming in with a book, and now slightly dozed off.

That was when Mary shuddered, "Schizo sya."

Yup, I was assured of that, she was babbling, laughing to herself. Then, I too couldn't stop laughing as the girl could not stop talking.

It hit me, as I realized, what was I laughing at, the girl or me?

I simply giggled, "ako din may ganyang tendencies, lahat namn tayo diba?"

Come on, you might have more than once caught yourself talking to no one but your shadow?
There have been many times I have been monologue-ing to my pillow at home or the computer at the office.

Some of my coworkers even took notice of this strange habit, which I jokingly replied that i was talking to "Left and right" and "up and down".

for fun, my boss wrote on my wishlist picture frame para kina left at right. Making the big boss, ask me to explain what it was.

it's not as if I don't catch him blabbing to no one but himself, or should I say the computer monitor?

I know that this is a strange habit that was why I often chew gum to keep my mouth busy from talking.

As I was nearing my stop, Quezon Ave, the second to the last, Mary and I were fooling around with each other on whose block the monologuing girl would get off.

We were both unsure of her, especially since the whole ride we were looking at her and in jest scaring each other.

Well, she did get off at my stop.


Anonymous said...

hmm . . . benefits of chewing gum include
1. strengthens bite
2. trims down cheek and under chin fat
3. improves blood circulation to face thus fresh oxygen to skin
4. improves blood circulation to brains which facilitate creative thinking
5. quells hunger pangs thus an adjunct strategy to slimming down

1. causes dental caries and accidental biting of inner cheek or tongue
2. boys tend to look like muggers and girls like gangster molls
3. excess intestinal gas
4. can stick to false dentures and between teeth causing you embarassment or losing your job

anae said...

really?! it trims down face and chin fat? i must have uber number of ftas coz i still have a face of a buddha,. hehehheh