Thursday, January 07, 2010

harry potter

call me the late ana v,. yah, because it was only now that i became hooked on harry potter (the book). i've seen the movies and all that but really didn't enthrall me to go grab a copy of the novel.
not unlike the time traveller's wife which moved me to tears, and i pleaded my sister macaria to gift me with published version. hmm the time traveller's wife held me spell bound, although i already knew the story and all that, i didn't want it to end that i keep on re reading the pages and chapters just so i wouldn't finish the book.

oh well,. yan nanaman ako sumesgue nanaman sa topic,.
well,. because i like the experience (?) seeing a movie and then reading it afterwards i thought, why not try harry potter,. so while doing my end of the year general cleaning, i happened to bump into my brother's unread copy of the bestseller.
i'm currently reading harry potter and the sorcerer's stone and it is good, very good in fact that i've been scouting for a book two, have a copy?

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