Sunday, February 12, 2012

Enchong reveals his secrets

by Ana Valenzuela

(Published in the Manila Standard Today newspaper on 2012/february/6.)

Enchong Dee keeps in shape not because he is an actor but because he really is used to living a healthy lifestyle.

Even before he joined show business, Enchong was a member of the La Salle and national swimming teams. He competed in the Asian Games and Southeast Asian Games.

Despite Enchong’s busy schedule, he finds the time to run and swim and of course, have a healthy and balanced diet.

During Amway’s Color UR Life Campaign launch, Enchong bared some of his secrets.

“I take Nutrilite Double X. I take the hair, nail and skin [supplement], green tea, and kapag nagbibinge ako pag (when I binge every) Sunday [which is my cheat day], [I also take the] Nutrilite Carb Blocker,” share Enchong.

He has been taking Nutrilite even before he was tapped to endorse the supplement.

“There was a direct seller na nagpunta sa bahay(who visited our house), so I have tried it even before Amway got me, three to four years ago,” Enchong tells us.

“You’ll be surprised when you take Double X,” he says. “The effect to me is hindi ako nagkre-crave (I don’t crave that) much, like when it comes to sweet food. Sometimes that is my problem, naghahanap ako ng matamis (I crave for something sweet).”

Enchong also wants to give his onscreen partner Erich Gonzales, Double X supplements.

“Double X has minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, lahat na andoon (it has everything in it),” he says.

Aside from taking his daily dose of Nutrilite vitamins, Enchong shares his other secrets

“Consistently drink water, kung lalagpas man ng (if you go over) eight glasses a day its okay. Tamang bilad lang sa (Do not over expose yourself to) sunlight, and ihawalay mo lang yung taba sa kinakain mo (Keep off fatty food),” he says.

“Choose an exercise or sport that you will enjoy, because kung napipilitan ka lang, (if you are just being forced into it) you will stop at a certain point. Tatamarain ka lang and hindi mo na magagawa yung pagiging healthy (You will just procrastinate and it won’t be healthy),” he adds.

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