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Window Shopper: Good jeans for the cold ‘ber’ season

By Ana Valenzuela | Photo by Rhoy Cobilla, · Monday, September 3, 2012 · 8:47 am

Models present Wrangler's latest jean collection during a recent mall roadshow. Photo by Rhoy Cobilla,
“It starts with a good fabric,” Daisy Yunam Go tells us on how to select a good pair of jeans.  Daisy is the President of Magnifico Jeans, local distributor of US-based Wrangler that has been around since 1947.
The type of fabric on the jeans that you are investing on would measure the pants sturdiness. “If a brand is crimping on good quality, they would buy not so premium cotton fiber” says Daisy during the recent launch of Wrangler’s Fall Winter collection. There are types of cloth fabric is actually short so when you weave its not very durable.
Dark jeans dominate Wrangler's Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Photo by Rhoy Cobilla,
“Second, fit is very, very important especially for women because it stretches, as it really hugs your body.  Nothing beats a good fit in jeans,” she stresses.  “You don’t have to buy the expensive brands or the generic brands when it comes to jeans. You just need a good fit because it’s supposed to last you for several years.”
“Third, very important, especially in modern times, the shade of the wash, because if you want something rugged then you want something of a lighter color but heavily washed with chemicals,” Yunam says.
The Early Risers series features stylish travel-worthy lightweight denim bottoms paired with bright-colored tops. Photo by Rhoy Cobilla,
There are also other options for colors, especially in denim. You might opt to go for a versatile shade of black that would accommodate you form day time to evening wear.
“Fourth, you have to look at the quality of the sewing,” Yunam starts. “When you talk about Wrangler jeans, try to invert the jeans, it is so clean, you can actually wear it that way.” Wrangler even has an inverted style of jeans.
Also part of Wrangler’s sewing pride is the seven icons that you can see in the denims: the watch pocket, the rear guard (the downward lip at the back yoke above high pockets), the seven belt loop, the fully felled outseam, the flat rivets, the W stitch and patch on the pockets, and the rope logo (of Wrangler).
“Part of Wrangler’s story is its DNA—the seven icons. We are rich in history, rich in heritage, but yet we are contemporary. We try to bring it to the modern times, to the modern needs so that’s what makes us different from the rest,” Yunam says proudly. “There are only three denim brand (the other two is Levi’s and Lee) in the whole world that can claim to have hundreds of years of heritage, of history, the others are all fashion denim brands.”
For braving the cold season, slim-fit jeans paired with a bright top for her and jacket and shirt for him. Photo by Rhoy Cobilla,

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