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Window Shopper: Let’s get Laud!

By Ana Valenzuela, · Tuesday, August 7, 2012 · 10:00 am

Get Laud is known for its chic blouses with flattering cuts for women of all shapes.
If you are familiar with 168 mall in Divisoria, then you certainly are familiar with Get Laud.
You probably bought not just one, but definitely a bag full of shirts, and even dresses from their stall in the Divisoria mall. The tops and dresses have silhouettes that are figure flattering, the prints are amazing, plus the price is hard to say no to!
Get Laud started out in 2004, selling only shirts in basic colors and different prints. From there, the business expanded to what it is today, selling casual but stylish clothes in different malls around the country.
This print dress from Get Laud makes the perfect 9-to-5 outfit when worn with the right accessories.
Get Laud owner Geraldine Tiu-Laudencia shares that the brand is a mishmash of her name: Ge from her first name, T from her middle name, and Laud from her last name. And literally, Geraldine declares, “We also want our customers to be lauded whenever they wear our clothes, thus, the name Get Laud.
“When I started the business, I noticed that there are only few brands that offer unique clothes at affordable prices. With Get Laud, I’m giving Filipinas the opportunity to own quality and fashionable clothes without spending too much,” Geraldine says. “I was inspired by that market that wants to express themselves through fashion.
“Most brands sell shirts in simple and basic cuts. I made ours with shape to fit a woman’s body perfectly such that even if it’s just a shirt, it’s sexy. As the years passed by and because of the positive responses and market demand, our products evolved and our offerings expanded to blouses, dresses and other kinds.”
Here’s Geraldine sharing her savvy shopping tips, the little black dress, adding plus-size clothes to the brand, and how to look chic during the drab and rainy season:
What’s your advice to shopaholics?
Before you shop, it’s best that you know your personality, what works for you, and what does not. Go for cuts, prints, and colors that suit you, your budget and your lifestyle accordingly. Buy items that you can mix and match with other pieces.
How does one spruce up her style even with a simple outfit?
Accessorizing can spruce up one’s style. A playful brooch or collar necklace can spice up even the simplest wardrobe. With the right accessories and attitude, one can never go wrong.
Get Laud's black shirt can be worn by itself or played up with an edgy brooch, a classic pearl necklace, or elaborate neckpiece for contrast.
What’s the most important item of clothing in any woman’s closet?
The little black dress is the most important item of clothing in any woman’s closet. It can be worn to dressy occasions, since the color black is always flattering for any woman.
How can one find the perfect tee or dress, especially when we shop at Get Laud?
One should know her needs before finding the perfect tee or dress. She also has to understand her body shape and the colors that will suit and flatter her skin tone well. Armed with knowledge, together with your budget, you are sure to have great finds that will complement your look and lifestyle.
You have a line, that’s called Get Laud Plus, what made you decide to also cater to plus-size women? 
One of our goals is to dress up Filipinas of all shapes and sizes. We recognize that plus size is a growing trend. Also, we want also women to be comfy yet sexy whatever her shape is.
What fashion trends are you seeing this rainy season?
Denims are in season especially during the rainy days. Paisleys, floral prints, and vibrant colors are getting to be popular for chasing the gloominess of the season away.
Maxi dress with sweetheart neckline is a versatile piece that ought to be part of a woman's wardrobe staple.
That’s something to look forward to. How do you conceptualize Get Laud’s designs?
Get Laud started in the marketplace with basic tees and eventually expanded its merchandise mix by offering party dresses. The designs are based on the brand personality of Get Laud which is fun, flirty and sexy. We want our customers to be lauded and recognized whenever one wears our merchandise.
In addition, we study existing trends in the market and tailor fit these trends to the existing persona of Get Laud. We stick to our brand DNA as much as we can but we are trying to inject casual wear in our merchandise mix.
So, how do you innovate your designs from other brands so that consumers can tell that ‘uy Get Laud yan‘?
We believe that through Get Laud’s prints and cuts, we have created a niche in the marketplace. We try to diversify our offering through our signature fabric and cuts.

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