Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Elections. More Noisy in the Phillipines


It's driving me crazy! 

It is election time once again, and even though its just a week's time, the non stop playing of jingles on some vehicle's megaphone is so loud. my head is about to explode. 

Was there ever a time, when these people running for office, just gave speeches or even mounted election posters. Seriusly, who thought about the color coding scheme? That wearing orange, red, or blue (sometimes the floral design) would automatically mean that the voter is in favor of you.

What about these non stop jingles. Aren't these baranggay officials supposed to maintain the peace and order in their vicinities, But, what do they do? They go ahead and recreate the national elections, gayahin ang mga idols who are in the higher office and suddenly composes a jingle about their names and disrupt, whatever little time I have for myself.

Honestly, baranggay officials should be confident enough to know their constituents and that they will vote for them by simply seeing their names in a ballot. If these people running for baranggay office are truly good neighbors, then there is no need to promote themselves as they can trust their co-barangays that they know that they have indeed contributed such to the community. That in itself will give them name recall. 

My head will explode if one more "iboto!" jingle passes through my auditoty nerve! Oh no!, there it is, the impending  ,, whhhaaat!
Enjoy the tomato sauce!

* Sorry for the grammatical error in the Title, it is a scheme for the country's tourism tagline, More fun in the Philippines.

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