Thursday, February 02, 2006


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i should be doing my paper for Devilles, but still i'm too lazy to think, have nothing to do., hmm,.
singing in the rain,. copy paste nalang lahat sana ang sagot,.

why does a part always has to be missing? you have to be incomplete to feel yourself and whole. why can't answers just fall down from the sky in a matter of seconds? why does questions have to exist? can i not just always scream "jetmatic" or "tubig" or "water", like everytime i take my bath, and in a few seconds water would be coming out of the shower head that i hold on my hand. everything's not instant.

A text may seem to have might have versions and analysis. According to Leitch, Vincent, reading depends on the text and that a premise of response. This was a theory of Wolfgang Iser, who conceive that reading is not simply passive or static but a process of discovery. Where a reader questions, negates and revises the expectations that the text establishes. A text functions in much the same way as a script does for a play. The script is set to guide a performance, but it is based on the different ways and times that the performers enact it. Just as a director or actor’s version is his or her interpretation of the play, readings of literary text are dependent then on the text but are realized through the process of interpretation.

In Rainier Maria Rilke’s ‘the Archaic Torso of Apollo’, the text intention is to push human consciousness to some of its limits. Rilke’s reading audience was many leading European artists, and was almost unknown to the general reading public. With poets and artists, who admired his works in mind, the text intent is to bring change. Poets and artists are significant and prominent in the societies who influence other people to amendment. The text brings about awareness and realization in the reader’s conscience. The text now is powerful, influential yet balance. Thus, the work expresses spiritual yearning.

Structuralism is an approach to analyzing the narrative material by examining the underlying invariant structure. As stated by Eagleton, structuralism is concerned with structures and



Anonymous said...

naks talino ah! kung sana ang mga sagot ay para lang tubig na dumadaloy mula sa shower niyo. pero sabi ni aristoteles, ang katotohanan ay nakakamit sa pamamagitan ng retorika.. blah blah. wish!

Anonymous said...

aww.. am i not pretty enough?