Wednesday, February 15, 2006

leap of faith

Today, I had an enlightening experience, enlightening because there is no other word I can see fit to describe it. I attended a healing mass administered by Fr. Faller. The homily relieved me of my doubts and anxieties. He was from a family of doctors (they own a hospital in Lucban), and science made him question pray-overs.
I think him, opening up like and him imposing to everyone that it is not him but the holy spirit’s power makes me believe more.

Things that I’ve learned:
to always keep quiet in the company of older people and let them just tell you stories, listen of course, for they shall grant you wisdom
Not to host anything, besides I’m not a very good host anyway.
The rest are for myself

It was not a push, really it wasn't there was some force. No not that rough. It was a power, overwhelming really. alam mo yun hindi ko alam di ko maexplain., while I was sort of fainting,. What was going on my mind was oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, like i was asking myself what was happening and i still haad my eyes closed alll the while,. and according to my tita. Who witnessed the pray-over my body was tight, stiff as a board i suppose. Hmm, I went for a second time and I knew what was going to happen,.. But it was still the same thing,. buti nalang talaga hindi ako todo bagsak,. yung todo higa..hay naku,

I asked myself am I healed, I wanted to blink, wink my right eye so that I could test my left eye, but I was telling myself, not yet. I just asked myself do I feel healed.

my physical illnesses weren’t healed, I still have petit mal and my left eye is still lazy as a bone. but I guess it wasn't that, that was cured. After all I found something new

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