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Double-Check Your Daily Regimen

Double-Check Your Daily Regimen
Published MOD April 2011

Cleanse, tone, moisturize. Brush your teeth daily, three times a day. We all know these beauty and personal care daily drills. We all do them. But are you doing them right? Sometimes, you might be bothered by an irritating pimple growing, or a toothache. If you’re confident that you are taking care of yourself, check again. There might be something wrong with your daily regimen.
We asked two experts, Dr. Mia Nuqui of Dermaline Facial and Skin Care Center and Dr. Cherrie Anne Cruz of Metrodental, on the proper ways of taking care of yourself.

Skin Care
Wash machine. According to Dr. Nuqui, your daily facial skin care regimen should depend on your skin type. There are four skin types—oily, normal, dry, and combination—which means you have an oily T-zone, while the other parts of your face are dry. She says, “For normal skin, washing with soap and water is usually enough. For oily skin, a toner or astringent might help minimize the oil. If you have dry skin, use a moisturizer.”

Product adjustments. Says Dr. Nuqui, “It is just basic soap and water or facial cleanser adjusting to your skin type. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize is the usual regimen. Most Filipinos have combination skin.There are areas that you need to moisturize and tone down. You may adjust the product you use depending on your skin type. The usual is the cream-based moisturizer and gel-based and water-based moisturizers. If you are on the oily side, opt for the water-based moisturizer which is not as heavy.”

Show off your back. A common skin problem is also the acne on the back and the chest. Doctor Nuqui says not to worry as it’s most commonly seen in teenagers and those in their early 20s. “Some say it’s because of the shampoo that has not been properly washed off, but it is all hormonal,” she adds. “You can’t really prevent it, but it can be managed through back cleaning and applications to dry up the pimples.” She said it is best to avoid stress and to get more sleep to beat acne.

Real peel. Our skin has natural exfoliation every two weeks. There may be times, though, that dead skin cells would not peel off. On the use of exfoliating products, Doctor Nuqui says, “Basically, if you have normal skin, you may use exfoliation two to three times a week. If you have oily skin, you may have more than that. If you have dry skin, it would strip off more oil, which would make it more prone to skin problems.”

Ban the sun. Doctor Nuqui stresses the importance of sunblock, not only when swimming or going to the beach, but in your daily skin care. She says, “You really need sunblock. When you have it, it prevents a lot of skin problems, and helps diminish skin aging and photo aging. Your skin will really age—it has natural aging. But when it is constantly exposed to the sun, mas bumibilis because of photo aging.”

Hair care

Wet look. For clean, smooth hair, cleansing and moisturization are of utmost importance. Doctor Nuqui advises the use of mild shampoo, and conditioner if you have dry hair. She adds, “It’s not advisable to repeat shampoo because after a while, there would be build-up. So from time to time, return to baby shampoo and scalp-cleansing shampoo.”

Bye bye, dandruff. Dandruff has no known cause. Some say it’s because of growth of yeast or irritation on scalp, while some say it’s because of stress. To prevent dandruff, Doctor Nuqui says, “Avoid getting too sweaty and using the wrong shampoo. The wrong shampoo is breeding ground for yeast, as some say, although this is really not the main cause of dandruff.”

Dental Care
Smile like you mean it. How do you get those pearly whites? There’s neither a preferred toothbrush nor toothpaste, but there’s a proper way of brushing. Says Dr. Cruz, “It is not the number of times you brush. If you brush your teeth for fives times, but it’s not the proper way—quick brushing, and not up and down motion and not reaching the gums—then it is useless. You always brush up and down or in circular motion, sa labas, then you go sideways sa loob, normally for three to five minutes. Then you have to have your toothbrush changed every three to five months.”

There will be blood. Dr. Cruz says there’s an adverse effect of overbrushing. If you brush sideways or too vigorously, your gums tend to shrink. There would be a recession, which leads to sensitivity. Don’t be scared at the sight of blood. Bleeding is an indication that you have healthy gums. But profuse bleeding because of improper brushing is a different story.

Floss and rinse. Apart fom brushing, there are other ways to clean your teeth. Dr. Cruz says mouthwashes and rinses are okay, but they are more of mouth flavoring and they have an antibacterial effect, although it’s not that potent. “Flossing helps because it removes all the plaque and debris in between teeth or what we call interproximal spaces or those areas that cannot be reached by toothbrush,” she adds. “Floss at least once a day, even at night.”

The dental chair. Go for dental checkups twice a year or every six months. Dr. Cruz recommends a visit to your dentist not just for cleaning but for checkup. “There are some patients who neglect to see the dentist every six months. You may not know it—especially when you don’t feel pain—but there could be a cyst growing inside your mouth. Have your dentist check whether you have cavities, gum diseases, and infections,” she says.

Dermaline Facial and Skin Care Center
is located at EDSA Greenfield Pavillon, Guadalupe, Magallanes, Tutuban, and Araneta Cubao.
Metrodental is located at Robinsons Manila.

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