Monday, April 25, 2011

Win a cake for mom!

How to join:
Anyone who has a mom, or knows a mom is invited to join. Only (1) entry is allowed per person. Simply post your entries on this WALL PHOTO ONLY. All entries will only be counted here. Indicate the name of your mom (or the mom you would like to describe) along with your completed statement.

Entries may be in english or tagalog:
e.g. Mommy Maria Cruz is the best at making yummy paella!
Si Nanay Maria Cruz ay pinakamagaling kumanta ng kundiman.

How to win:
The entry with most votes (likes) wins the contest so make your "best mom" statements unique, funny, heartfelt and beautiful. Also you can just get your friends to like your entry (easy!). Entries will be accepted from Apr24-May6 2011. Voting will also end on May 6, so gather those votes fast! Results will be announced on May 9,2011.

How to claim your prize:
We will contact the winners about the cake design and date of delivery which can be redeemed on May 10-16,2011.

Post your entries and get those votes today!

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