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Published MOD April 2011

WHO says thin is in?
The notion that one has to be reed-thin to look good in clothes is so passe. Women who are on the heavy side do not always have to look like a hanger because of loose-fitting silhouettes. It is the way you carry yourself and the clothes on your back that matter.

What’s more, clothes that are for plus-size women have evolved. Women who are large in size can now play up various styles and colors. “Before, plus-size fashion here in our country had always been conservative and loose. Now, plus-size fashionistas are creating the demand for a fresh and new batch of designs,” says Raisa De Guzman, co-owner and designer for Erzullie.
Raisa adds that plus-size fashion is not that different from the fashion of those with small body types, but is also quick to note that, right now, plus-size fashion is becoming more edgy. “Plus-size women get to show off more of their fierce curves. We will see more body-hugging silhouettes for them. For this summer, sleeveless anything is in! Wide-legged pants are also becoming a trend.”
Erzullie is available through, and at Backstage Store, Serendra, and Sueno, Makati City.
You Asked...

Having always been on the heavy side, I find it hard to find dresses to hide my bulges. Got tips on plus-size dressing?
— Deedee, Marikina

Raisa De Guzman, co-owner
and designer for Erzullie, answers ...

Plus-size fashion is not really different with the regular-sized one. Just like with the regular size, the right kind of fashion for the plus-size woman depends on her body shape. The big difference is that plus-size fashion needs more exploration by designers.
We are still at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to knowing what looks good on plus-size women. But this is where the exciting adventure begins as this gives room to experiment and explore.

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