Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Read: Badger by CM Kenna

I have been a fan of Cara McKenna's prose ever since a friend raved about her work Willing Victim and Hard Times. As always Cara has fleshed out her characters (a vigilante who rides a yellow bike and a recovering pill addict) and the plot is always great. I found this one's more entertaining than all that steam and heat (you know what I'm talking about). Not unlike in her other books, which I found all those scenes crucial to the plot. I take that half back, it actually showed the pain in the characters.

McKenna often has a Happy For Now ending, well this one kind of, sort of has,I guess for me in the romance department. HAHHAH! Well it's a bittersweet ending. Plus, I wanted Adrian to end up with the other guy, Rey (just like how I felt in Ruin Me, where I wanted the girl to end up with Jay).

I don't have to hide it already as the summary here in Goodreads already say that there is a death somewhere. So, I was waiting, waiting, waiting for it, checking on what page I was. LOL

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