Monday, May 23, 2016

References this Sunday night

There was this one story I read about St. Augustine of Hippo back when I was a child that struck me.

St. Augustine was walking by the beach thinking about the Holy Trinity, how can there be one God with three personas. He walked along that beach puzzled and in deep thought ubtil he saw a child who was digging a hole through the sand.

St. Augustine asked the boy what he was doing, and the boy answered he is diggingahole and getting water from the sea. This is so he can transfer all of the water of the sea into that hole that he was digging.

The boy made one of the doctors of the church realize something. How can the sea fit into this tiny hole? How can his mind comprehend something as big a mystery such as the divine Trinity?

Ever since then, each time I cannot come up with the answer to anything related to God, I reflect upon this story that I read in My Book of Saints. How can we understand such big a mystery such as this? It is bigger than ourselves thanwhat our world is.

A while ago, the priest retold this story in his homily. What puzzled me a great deal was that the priest said that the boy was Jesus who then suddenly disappeared. I like to believe that the story I read had more truth to it and if ever it was a divine power that brought the kid there, then it was done by God through the power of the Holy Spirit.


A refernce made by the bad boy of Philippine cinema in Pilipinas Got Talent finals made me twitch. He commented to the last contestants that they were the "Helen of Troy" of Pilipinas Got Talent.

I wonder what he meant by that? Helen of Troy is the face that launched a thousand ships and was known for her beauty. Certainly this was a talent competition and not a beauty contest. Hay. I wonder if Robin Padilla even knew the story of Troy? Anyway, it is said to be true as some archeologist dug up evidences.

If it is, did the gods really played a big part as what Homer's epic tells. 

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