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Author Interview: Till Death Do Us Part's Irene Recio

*This is the full transcript of the author interview, parts of which came out in in an article in Manila Bulletin titled Criminal Minds last July 11, 2016.

Mother and author Irene Recio talks about juggling motherhood and a writing career. She's raising a wonderful daughter, that my best friend swear is the best kid ever. But. it's not an ordinary motherhood blog that she's engaging in, it's more of the troublesome kind, as she engages in crime fiction.

What were the hurdles that you had to overcome when you were writing Till Death Do Us Part?

Time is always a problem when I write. I usually write late at night when the whole house is asleep – when there are less distractions. But I wake up everyday at 3am so I usually pass out from exhaustion around 8 in the evening after all the chores have been done. Sadly, there goes my time to write. So I just try to write whenever I can. Like small pockets of opportunities at any given time of the day. 

I also found it hard (and scary) at times when I have to dive into the dark side to write about the antagonist or even the aggrieved character and suddenly switch back to high-energy positivity that motherhood requires. It can be challenging to stay in character when your bubbly happy child calls to mommy to proudly show her artwork or an impromptu performance. It’s funny now that I look back, but it was kind of crazy switching from character to real life back and forth! J 

Another thing, even though I love to watch police procedural and crime fiction, I pretty much avoid the gore and carnage that most crime stories offer. I’m not a big fan of guts and extreme violence. I found it difficult to research on violence and motivations and take on that kind of mental state while writing. And I think one of the hardest parts in writing in this genre is that it would stir up the darkest fears I have. Being a wife and mother, my fears are so much more than my own already. Writing about it was very stressful and challenging.

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What made you take a chance to write crime fiction?
I’ve always loved reading mysteries. It all started in grade school when I would borrow Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys from my school’s library. It was addicting. These books would take me to thrilling adventures and be part of their crime solving activities. And my love for a good suspense thriller really motivated me to try writing crime fic. 

How was it different from your other written works?
This is my first attempt at writing crime fiction. My other stories are about romance and others are for children’s literature. So this is really different from the ones I’ve written before, but not so totally different because it still has a romance angle to it. 

Have you always wanted to write crime fic? Why so? 
Aside from my love of books stemming from my discovery of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, I also love how women are now represented in tv and movies as strong, independent, and very capable – deviating from the usual damsels in distress. I’ve always wanted to be able to write about such women. I want my women characters not just to be strong, smart, clever, independent, and capable, but also show their vulnerable and human side. And it was so awesome that #HeistClub gave us this platform where we could create characters to our liking. 

She ends, "We have the most awesome group of #HeistClub writers where people support one another. How cool is that??! This is such a nurturing and uplifting group!"

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