Friday, January 27, 2006

My Dilemma is not stupid, ..

Problems? Stare out into outer space and see that we are not alone.,,3-2009914,00.html

Probably giving us more races (or other forms of life) to discriminate and land to migrate to.
Hope that these will answer great questions such as where did life come from?

It’s actually because I’m a (day) dreamer. I dwell on the future, on what is to happen. And with this situation, it somehow brings closure. Closure to what is, what if and what is to become.


Anonymous said...

pano kung natagpuang mong ang mga "day dreams" mo ay nangyayari sa isa mong kaibigan? na minsan ay natatakot ka ng mag-isip sa takot na mangyayari yon sa iba at hindi sayo?

anae said...

ngek manghuhula pala ako,. oh my gosh,. i have the power,. the power is yours!!!