Friday, January 20, 2006

Things that I only say to food (or why I have the tendency to binge eat)

There are people who are anorexic, bulimic, people with eating disorders. I hate to think that I am one of them. But sometimes I can only find comfort in food. There is a rule in my life to never tell people that I am on a diet, however it seems like I am always on one. How can you stop me from wanting to look good? People around me are beautiful. People I see always seem to be thin and pretty. But then food seems to be the only thing left in the world that’s given me consolation.

Everyday life has to be passed thru a series of travail and problems. And I guess one of the main points is to socialize. Socialize and get more problems, still. Sometimes I don’t know really what my role is in this world. But I don’t want to be stuck in mediocrity. Have you figured out what role you were supposed to play? Some people are stupid.

On my bedroom door is a post-it message to/from me that says are you now beautiful (maganda ka na ba)? Well this is a reminder to self that I whenever I step out of that door I should be pretty, made up, ready to face the day. Also a reminder that whenever I go through any door I should walk that door with confidence, well really back straight, with great posture, as if thinking I own the room.

As much as I want to say it all, I can’t after all you’re not food and I can’t name names.

Next: Why doesn’t life come with its own user’s manual?

Thought for the day: “if we start by changing our image of the world we’ll end up changing the world.” - Wim Wenders, German director


Anonymous said...

Stig! ganda mo sumulat... tsk, tsk.. sayng konti llang nakakapansin.. dapat kasi announced sa buong mundo kapg may nagawa ka nang bagong blog eh... taob sayo ang TWG! hehe.. sino? si gelo? si Saguid? si cholo? weh! utot sila! hehe..

seriously, ganda talaga ng thoughts mo.. lalo na if you take time to put them into writing...

isa pa... Stig!

Anonymous said...


i can totally realte to it!!!

need i say more?

vain! vain! vain!

wait, eh vain din ako eh...