Saturday, January 07, 2006


The plot is a little vague, did Phoebe just find something or what; but then she really was conscientious with the ‘not-mine’.
I mean every step she was to take with her shoes, the step would go “not-mine, not-mine, not-mine”

Jen Montano – embezzlement

My connection to Jen Montano and her place of work is just a scrap of link; and that is simply because I am my mother’s typist and the Official Receipts/ Financial Statements go through me. Jen Montano was the finance officer for a certain restaurant in the country, where she’s not even a year old of an employee. One thing that she was handling was the payments for the suppliers. She was supposedly in-charge of the releasing of the checks.

I know that my mother’s financial uncertainties are great because many of those restaurants we delivered (and still delivering) has unsettled accounts.

Jen Montano stole a lot of many about 800,000 to more than a million pesos from her employer. (Part of that money was supposed to be paid to us.) She was purportedly cajoling the company accountant, (as to saying crush ko to, etc). She would have an expensive snack/ merienda, imported pa. She did even treat the staff.

Kaya kayo mag-ingat kayo, hindi pa din sya nakikita. This was just in just this week.

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