Monday, January 16, 2006

Random Thoughts

Although there’s one topic that I would like to talk about I’d rather pretend that I’m busy that’s why I can’t and some random thoughts in my head.

If god had a name would you call Him that?

Me? Most probably not, I’d be afraid to call Him whatever His name would be.

Better left unanswered:
1 Is there really soul mate? A perfect/ true friend?
2. If you can get way with murder, who would you kill right now?
3. are there times that you think you are pathetic? Beautiful? Or just wishing you were dead?

What is one thing that you cannot give up your belief in?

Oh yeah, I just watched Peter Jackson’s King Kong, it made me cry.

All that King Kong cared about was Anne Darrow, and Anne cared about King Kong too.
Anne and King Kong had become friends or rather formed a bond when Anne played with King Kong. She had made him laugh through her antics, juggling, dancing, etc.
King Kong’s concern for Anne is first evident when King Kong saved Anne from three t-rexes. He was not going to kill them but really to save Anne. He only eliminated the t-rex when the latter would not stop pursuing Anne.
King Kong’s death was a loss for Anne because at the beginning, her old friend said something about when Anne reaches out for something it disappears or something like that. Well, Anne did show affection towards King Kong. She knew that she can tame the beast or rather that the beast was tame.
Ayokonamagisipcecil,. Sanakungkahaponfeelnafeelkopa,.ayokonamagsip..sanawlangprelimssanasanasanasana

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