Thursday, January 26, 2006

Someday my Prince will come

I have always liked the fairy tale Cinderella, I like reading its many versions, Ashputtel, et al and watching the movies also. One that I like best is the UK TV production, stars Marcella Plunkett and Kathleen Turner as the stepmother. It’s a modern take, because the prince also plays in a rock band and the step sisters are so into earrings, shoes, et cetera, the sisters of vanity. The glass slippers are not glass slippers but instead shoes made out of petals; because the fairy godmother is a sea nymph or sea goddess. (I’ve watched it on Star Movies.)
There’s also ‘slipper and the rose’, which is an old movie and doesn’t just end with the prince finding Cinderella. You have to watch it for yourself.
Drew Barrymore’s ‘ever after’ is one of my favorite movies, as it shows the female hero being strong and resolute.
Cinderella is probably the most prominent fairy tale. Some girls can relate to Cinderella, the rags to riches story. I really don’t know.
So I guess I’d have to be ‘Sleeping Beauty’ then, only waiting for my prince to wake me up. Not snow white (or snow drop?), because I don’t have my seven dwarfs.

Maybe I am meant to be alone, you know sometimes I wonder. (Because I really don’t have a bff or something.)

Somehow I think I am mastering the art of solitude (but I am not a loner, ok?). People talk to themselves, there’s nothing unusual about that. I simply catch myself doing it often, maybe it’s because, it’s really with yourself that you can relate to.

Earth shattering: Macky has a boyfriend, boohoohoo and bwahaha…hehe.

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Anonymous said...

woah! may bf na si macky??? syet... naku wag ka magalala.. wala rin ako. hay naku! anong pipiliin mo, yung may wala kang bf o may magkagusto sayo na ayaw mo talaga? ngek. ngek. naku wag mo isipin masyado yon porque't mga tao sa paligid mo ay nagmamahalan. grabe talaga kinikilig ako sa pitt-jolie tandem! haha! sobrang sana sila na forever!!!