Saturday, October 17, 2009

balik probinsya

After Ondoy hit Metro Manila hard, people are still trying to cope up with surviving especially those who have lost their homes (in Marikina and in Pasay).

Unfortunately, they can not stay in evacuation centers forever. These centers are either schools or like in Pasay, the Cuneta Astodome that serves a purpose. What more there also has been reports of the evacuees acting like beasts (not my words mind you, i'd like to use a direct quote, unfortunately don't have time google on who said it, but i do know that he is a mayor, Malabon I think). Vandalizing the schools and even stealing from these centers. There was a report that they would sneak into teachers' desk and get some safeguarded money. How mean!

Also the government's budget cannot hold them for at least two weeks more. So they are given now a week's time to recuperate. What the government is offering are three choices, balik probinsya, balik bahay and the relocation program

If it was me, I wouldn't take the balik bahay. It was a life-threatening situation that these victims were in. It happened once, it could happen again, if I were to stay here in Manila because my source of income is (doing great) here then I would ask to be relocasted somewhere else. (can I also sell my property?)

Nevertheless, there are those who opt for the BALIK PROBINSYA program that the government is offering. I think that this is a good opportunity for our kababayans who have realized that city life is indeed full of trials( kailangan makipagpukpukan ka para makuha mo yung gusto mo) and for them to start anew in their home provinces.

Manila in the movies is depicted as place where one can start. A place full of glamor and successes where one can get rich in an instant. However that's not real life. That's just media hoaxing us or to put it more bluntly showing the good side of city life.

It fails to show how did one get that level of success. It fails to show the hardships where one has been through. The bosses, be them good or bad, he has been under. The streets he walked from work instead of riding that jeepney, so that he can have dinner. The dinners he fasted upon so that he can buy something he wanted.

This is reality. Success is hard earned and not a bus ride away.

sa mga balaka pumunta: come to manila prepared with a plan and money in your pocket.
if you have a dream, dream big and pursue it with passion.

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