Friday, October 09, 2009


My new boss, or should I call her my EIC, according to some colleagues has rep to change her mind. Nevertheless who am I to say no to all her demands? After all RHP or simply put rank has privileges.

Beyond my failed search for a cervical cancer survivor, she assigned me to do a different story which was about anorexia.

Luckily enough for me, my friend Cy, has a colleague who once was. So, I researched on the subject matter.

Then i found out the SYMPTOMS (should we call it that?)
1. vomiting
2. compulsive exercises
3. abuses laxatives

There was a time in college that I exhibited these symptoms,, not just the vomiting part. Me wonders if friends noticed it, probably not, am good at keeping secrets about myself eh ( kasi diba sa likod ng pack may counter doon. I remember na hindi ko pa inuubos madlas yung save it for tomorrow. Every weekend, I would not eat because the first time I tried not eating for 24 hours, my stomach flattened quite obviously.

I would get up early in the morning to exercise, even surfing cable TV just looking for a program with people doing some fitness aero on it. I think I was even the one who broke our exercise bike because of iver use. I shied away from the public transportation so I can get more physical activity out of walking ( well also to save money).

But i guess the worst part was my addiction to laxatives. My grandfather had problems with his colon, and he needed some medications for that. He had a supply of castor oil, which he detested because of the insipid taste. So, I took them and almost every day whenever I felt I overate I gulped down one bottle. The taste did not matter. At that time, it was all tasteless, no honestly, it was. When my castor oil supply run out, that was when I turned to Xenekot and Dulcolax. The former was more cheaper although one tablet of the latter does it for me.

Now, I'm not that very much into laxatives, heheh. Infact I eat and eat and eat.

But i do still worry about what it is I take in. I make sure that I eat something healthy and/ or drink a glass of milk everyday.

I'm only sharing these facts because hey maybe you also had anorexic tendencies you just don't know it


Cy said...

you should have just written your own anorexia story and pretended that it was some other person (for your editor). the story might come more personal, more real.

anae said...

ang kakaiba lang ay yung addiction ko to laxatives,. musta na? cant comment on lunarepiphany