Tuesday, October 20, 2009

professional beggars

Pressed for time, as I was running late, because my sister got me hooked on this show Glee, I had no choice but to run at the waiting jeepney at the corner stop. Thank God that there were vacant seats left for for me and a couple more passengers.

Call me maarte or whatever. However, I didn't want to occupy the empty space next to a certain person. I squirmed my way to the other side just to there would be enough for 'isa pa, oh, isa pa'. Lucky for me, a man who was dressed in a lacoste-type shirt hurried his way to the end of the jeepney and sat in between us.

At first of course the man didn't seem to mind, but then his body language was telling a different story. He had left hand up in the rail thus his back more prominent to the certain person I was avoiding.

I knew who she (or he) was but not by name, rather someone I often see her. She was the middle-aged, tall, dark and skinny woman who positions herself along the over pass on Welcome Rotonda. She sits there all day carrying her child who I think is a year old. Probably haven't even taken a bath. Once, I even saw her giving dirty water to the child.

Of course the first time I saw them (mother and child) I was moved to pity. But then, after riding the same jeepney with them, not even once mind you, I think about where my pity and charity might be going?

Does it really feed them? Maybe they are just part of a sindicato. Or maybe they live in Tagaytay street, a place in our neighborhood that's rounded about by squatters, and all they do is gamble.

Who I really pity is the child. After all, he has a rights. Being used as a mere accessory to earn money for some selfish unemployed means is I think a violation of his rights.

Then what would happen, he would only learn from all of this. Not learn in a good way, mind you, he would take it up and take on begging as a profession.

Does the Philippines have laws against this kind of things?

It is easy to say go get a job, but hard for one to get one he really likes. In trying times, beggars cannot be chosers, just go ahead with whatever legal job accepts you.

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Cy said...

I don't know if I'm just ignorant of the 'real world' but I think that there are certainly jobs for many people. Not all, maybe, but a lot.

The difficulty in getting a job is brought about by tough competition. Since there aren't enough jobs for everyone, only the best should be reaped.

And there are still so many ways to earn without begging. I think the main problem is lack of education.