Friday, October 09, 2009

I Fear Famous People

October 5
late afternoon

Okay, so my first ever celebrity interview.

- PRANING! MAJOR, because I hated being late, what ever it may be, for deadlines or events. Our time set was 5pm and I was at the MRT station at what, 5pm? hahaha!

- More so I was reminded how easily i fumble whenever I'm near a celebrity. On my way to the ABS-CBN Talent center, I saw KAREN DAVILLA doing her radio show . I wanted an "I LOVE YOU KAREN DAVILLA" poster right then and there, knock and scream like crazy, I don't care if I'll cause a riot. The thing was, I don't even like Karen Davilla, I just know her as someone who delivers my evening news, that's it.

- I was running like a freak, even though my celebrity interviewee wasn't even in our meeting place. She wasn't even our way. Then, at the elevator, i saw Gina ALajar who was who was going out. I got googly eyed.

See, what I mean these are people we all know, but then not necessarily adore (excuse to some fans). Thank goodness my first interview is not as big celebrity a celebrity like say or even Judy Ann Santos or Marian Rivera (so there I'm not much into network war people), well hopefully she will be.

I remember back about a year ago, there was this shoe wear event and as I hated being late, I came in first. So the PR firm was still finalizing some details. I sat alone the function room, and I saw Jay-R, the RnB singer Jay-R pass by. Automatically, my eyes popped out and I just couldn't stop smiling at JAy-R who I don't even know a single song . I followed him with my gaze, and it was an instant crush, no he was not that cute, para lang sa tv, okay?

Is there something called to all this? Like famous people freakaziod? celebrityphobia? Or just simply starstruck!

Slap Me! SLAP ME NOW!!!


If you're wondering what went on with the interview, yeah even though I had to wait for two hours more, it went great. Erich Gonzales is very accommodating. And no her boobs are not fake, believe me, probably a cup A or B, she's just got good cleavage.

Hmm,. as for those two hours, it was like a scene from Pinoy Blonde stars ( Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, Sharon Cuneta, Enchong Dee, Xian Lim and EJ Falcon) appearing out of nowhere , what would you expect I was in ABS. I interviewed Erich while on the dressing room, she was gettign ready for her SHARON guesting

i would be posting the recorded interview on multiply soon,

i'm thinking of making my multiply site as my online portfolio. So what do you think?


Cy said...

uu... starstruck ang tawag don. hindi dahil sa gusto mo sila kundi,,, dahil lang star sila kaya ka struck. hahaha

anae said...

you think the one about he who i cannot be named is also dahil na starstruck ako sakanya,. or nah,. (i remeber crush ko na sya bago ko nalamn how great he was,. gosh)

Anonymous said...

you as a commoner (wahahaha, i got this from Jun Pyo), it's automatic to ba dazed or to be allured by those celebs... why? so you do have something to brag with your friends (just like what you did when we saw each other...)

you were not fascinated by their looks or were just happy that you saw them because you were inside the ABS compound and it would be a pity if, in your stay there, you haven't seen-even one celeb.and it would be more pitiful if erich didn't respond to your invitation...

*peace ana* mwah

anae said...

sorry namna at awla akong makwentong iba sa iyo ha audry?